SAN ANGELO, Texas — What do all sports have in common? Working out, and staying healthy of course. But also, being a team. There is one sport here in the Concho Valley that many may not consider a team sport.

“Our team that we have here is really important because they help motivate you, push you through hard times and help get you pumped up and active and just help get you where you need to be,” said Chief’s state powerlifter, Juan Ortiz.

Even with setting records and going to state last year, both Juan and Ian have their minds set on higher totals.

“My personal goal is trying to keep going up and keep working hard and get better as an individual,” said Ortiz.

“Personal goals, probably just get top five at state. Squat 600lbs, bench 400lbs, deadlift 600lbs, pretty simple, and we will go from there,” said Chief’s state lifter, Ian Cortez.

Now the sport of powerlifting can help you across the board in sports. Whether it’s football, basketball, track, or even cheer & dance because lifting is key in all aspects of athletics.

“Lifting will help you in basically any sport that you do, requires a strong base, in order to succeed in any sport that you do and just it’s exciting to watch,” said Cortez. “Seeing, someone that’s, I saw someone that was 138lbs squat like 600lbs, deadlift 800lbs at the state meet last year and so it’s very exciting and very almost uplifting to see that even someone that small can do something so great.”