CARY, N.C. — One of the many reasons why Angelo State is in the position they are, has been of the play from left fielder Justin Lee.

At this time last year, Angelo State’s Justin Lee was not apart of the Rams roster to head to the College World Series.

“It was depressing. Anyone who has been playing baseball their whole life gets told they aren’t being able to play baseball for one of the best teams in the nation it hurts,” said Lee.

Lee took it upon himself to do what he can to work this past offseason to become an everyday player.

“I was telling myself I was better than what I showed last year, so I went into this year if I play, if I don’t I don’t and I’ll be one of the best teammates this team could ever have,” said Lee.

Lee, who finished last season batting .200 in the 13 games he played for ASU last season, has had a breakout year in 2022, batting .434, tied for first on the team with doubles, and second in home runs and runs batted in.

And as this season began, Lee was determined to make sure he was a vital part on the Rams roster.

“I didn’t look back. Every game I took pride in what I did, I worked hard and took every game one game at a time,” said Lee.

Taking one game at a time, to become one of the leaders at the plate for Angelo State and being named a NCWBA and ABCA All-American with other teammates come season end.

“It’s great to be around these type of guys, but at the end of the day none of that matters at least to me, unless we come home with a National Championship,” said Lee.

Coming home with a National Championship, that would be the first in program history.

“I can’t put into words what it would feel like because not a lot of people get to experience that, so being able to experience that would be unreal, we would make history, and we would make a lot of people happy, especially the fans of San Angelo,” said Lee.