CARY, N.C. — Earlier this season, we brought you the story of the unique father-son duo on the Angelo State baseball team involving assistant coach Bubba Walters, and his son, current first basemen Aaron Walters.

The family ties continue with the Rams, as Koby and Kam Kelton are back playing together on the same team once again, hoping to bring back a National Championship back to San Angelo.

Koby and Kam Kelton, just like most, started playing baseball when they were at a young age.

“I’ve been playing baseball since I was five years old. Five or six,” said Koby.

Kam who is two and a half years younger than Koby, has always looked up to his other brother.

“He’s one of my biggest role models. Seeing him grow up and play ball, and following after him in his footsteps,” said Kam.

Although the age gap between the two, they’ve still have shared a lot of time on the field together.

“I think we’ve played all together, for or five years throughout our baseball years together, said Koby.

And now the two find themselves back on the field together again, Koby in his senior year with the Rams, and Kam a sophomore.

“I feel like Koby has helped me a lot more developmental wise, learning the ins and outs of Angelo State baseball. Coming in here for a first year, learning wise, there’s a lot you have to learn and a lot you have to adapt to so he’s helped me a lot,” said Kam.

Both pushing one another to be better, regardless of who may be the older or younger brother.

“My dad always jokes that no matter what I do Kam always wants to be better and he’s had a great year so far and so it’s pushed me when I maybe wasn’t playing so good to pick my play up,” said Koby.

Picking one another up, and pushing each other as brothers to do what they can to help the team capture the first baseball National Championship for Angelo State.

“Sharing that moment with my blood and him it would be incredible. We’ve worked so hard for this, day in and day out, we’ve worked so hard for this since the fall,” said Kam

“Just to be able to do something that special with him there would mean everything and it would be a life long memory,” said Koby.

Koby, Kam, and the Rams get their NCAA Tournament started Sunday at 12:30 against Southern New Hampshire.