SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Angelo State Belles and Rams were back at home this afternoon, meeting up for round two against Western New Mexico.

The Belles got things started this afternoon, looking for that fourth consecutive win.

Sawyer Lloyd is down low, looking for some help, she’ll find Tayjanna Mcghee-Pleasant, who will battle her way around the defenders to get the wide-open jumper. Angelo State is on top.

But she won’t stop there, Landy Morrow on the move, a pass to Pleasant at the top of the key, and as they say, that’s a bucket express three-pointer for the Belles.

Down a few points, the Mustangs close the game with only 13 seconds to go in the game.

The Belles take this one down to the wire and come out on top 56-52 with the sweep over the Mustangs.

Now over to the Angelo State Rams, it was a nailbiter until the last four seconds.

Fredelin De La Cruz is in some trouble, a cross-court pass to Kevon Godwin, down to Steve Webb and he’ll find the perfect spot to put it up for the Rams.

Reggie Quezada with the steal and fast break. Look at this finesse by Godwin, completely under the basket, but he knows how to spot the corner and get it in.

Quezada is again on the move, he’ll try for the shot, but it’s no good. Cruz is there for the rebound, fight, and putback all while picking up an and-one for Angelo State.

The Rams get the 78-77 dub and sweep over Western New Mexico.