SAN ANGELO, TX. — Growing up many of us have difficult decisions to make on what passions to pursue. Between arts, academics and athletics, there are a lot of ways to be inspired. For one Angelo State athlete, she’s proving that with a little hard work and determination you can do it all.

Ever since Mia Czarnecki was a little girl, you could find her with a soccer ball at her feet, and a microphone in her hand.

“They are actually pretty similar stories. So, I have an older sister, who is about a year older than me, a year and a half, and I just wanted to do everything she was doing,” said Czarnecki.

While her passion was sparked by her sister’s influence, Mia developed her own love for both soccer and singing.

“Soccer probably because my dad played and that’s why my older sister did it. Maybe singing yes, maybe not the guitar, piano, drums, all of that route,” said Czarnecki.

After high school, the Austin native was headed to San Angelo for college and found herself with a tough decision, caught between her two passions.

“It’s been nuts and it’s been busy because they are two things that if you want to do well at you have to put your all into them,” said Czarnecki.

Her choice? Pretty clear as to what she would put her all into.

“It really became because I wanted to play college soccer, soccer became the big goal, this is what I put my all my time and effort into and then music became more of an outlet,” said Czarnecki.

But when COVID-19 hit, Mia picked back up songwriting, and thanks to help from a friend she was able to put out her own album.

“I got sent home from [COVID-19], had all this writing time and was able to take old songs that had been thrown behind and left behind and kind of revamp them a little bit,” said Czarnecki.

When it comes to that album, Mia says she followed in the footsteps of a pop icon, but for her next EP or album, things may look a bit different.

“Definitely the Taylor Swift approach, that’s why you don’t see any new music because I’ve been in a healthy relationship for the past year and a half so I’m trying to find that transition from writing sad angry songs into happy stuff because I’ve never done that before,” said Czarnecki.

As for what’s next? Mia will be utilizing her COVID eligibility and return for the 2023 season on the pitch, while also pursuing one undergrad and two masters enjoying every minute here in San Angelo.

“So, I really just want to live in the moment, have fun even though practice can be really hard sometimes, this is it, ya know and then it’s done so I’m really just enjoying myself even through the not-so enjoyable parts,” said Czarnecki.