SAN ANGELO, Texas — What do all sports have in common? Working out, and staying healthy of course. But also being a team. There is one sport here in the Concho Valley that many may not consider a team sport.

“Most people don’t like, they don’t think like “oh you’re just lifting by yourself, it’s not a team sport”, but if you really think about it, your team is there for you half the time. They are yelling for you, they’re cheering for you, they’re telling you when to go lower, stuff like that,” said Central State powerlifter, Jaylen Dehoyos. “Sometimes when you think you can’t go heavier, they’re there to push you to do more weight even the coach. They might not know a lot, because it’s their first year or so, but they are always there to push you and help you.”

As just a Sophomore, Jaylen placed first in her region and took a trip to the state meet last year. With two more years to go, Jaylen is just getting started and hoping to only improve her numbers from last season.

“Actually go to and push myself harder every day and to know that I can always do better and achieve. Last year, to try and meet the first person’s goal, try to get up there, and just to try to at least get more than 10th place. At least like first or fifth,” said Dehoyos.

Even if you don’t think powerlifting is for you, you could surprise yourself just like Jaylen did when she took the jump into powerlifting.

“You never know like if you are really strong or not, cause when I first started powerlifting, I was like, “man I’m kinda weak,” and then I actually started lifting more, like you can do more, you can do more. I was like, “okay!,” so I did it and I was realizing I was getting up there, the more that I would go workout and try to push myself every day,” said Dehoyos. “I realized I was getting stronger every time I would go into the gym and I would push myself harder and like even though it’s not like a “top sport” or anything, if you are the one that brings it up the sport then you would be recognized. That’s really cool to get that experience and it’s like, “oh my gosh, she was a powerlifter, she’s the one that brought up that sport to be something.”