SAN ANGELO, TX— After suffering a loss against Irion county on Friday, the Blackwell Lady Hornets bounced back against the Bronte Lady Longhorns Tuesday night. The Hornets improved to 1-1 in district play.

The Lady Hornets will look toward a new challenge on Friday night against a talented Veribest team.

Second-year head coach Ryan Cronkright is confident in what the girls can do on both ends of the court and hoping to get back into the playoffs this season.

“I think it was a great response. We didn’t start the district exactly how we wanted to but being able to show up to game two and play up to our ability which I know we are able and capable of doing, was the perfect response in my mind. The way we executed on both ends of the floor was exactly how I would have imagined it,” said Cronkright.

“It would be pretty crucial because we have all wanted this for so long. Most of our older sisters have made it to the playoffs so kind of living up to their legacy is kind of a dream for most of us and I think it would be pretty cool,” said sophomore shooting guard Kinley Cummings.