SAN ANGELO, Texas — Heading into the Bi-District round of playoffs, our KSAN Game of the Week, spotlights the #6 ranked, undefeated Irion County Hornets, who have made history this year by earning the title of district champions for the first time since 2004, but… they have their eyes set directly on the May Tigers… hungry to come out on top this year.

“Man, another opportunity against May, is huge. To play a quality team like that again, you know every year, we played a quality team, there’s something to be said about stepping in there and they’re stepping into the fire first round and getting tested that first round,” said Hornets head coach Don Coffell. “To be able to come out on top would be definitely a dream come true, and be big for our community, big for our school, big for our players, big for our coaching staff, it would just be great.”

“As a senior, getting this win, this year would be a big deal. Last year, hopefully making it deeper than one round and just bring it back to the community and just show out,” said senior receiver, Bo Morrow.

Even though this team has met all the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the season, they have more football to play and are not finished yet.

“I truly believe we’ve met our expectations. However, we still have room to improve and every one of the guys has really bought into that and they believe that they still have room for improvement and that’s what keeps our practices energetic, and keeps everything just real at high-level energy and that’s been the difference maker this season with this team on the improvement that they made is they just understand that were not where we need to be yet and we got to try to improve every day,” said head coach Coffell.

The energy leading into this game for this Hornets team is different. They are ready, and they are pumped up, but they are using the past to motivate them throughout the game Thursday night.

“Oh, the excitement is definitely there. These guys are jacked about getting the opportunity to play May again in the Bi-District championship. However, the truth of the matter is, it’s just another game and they do understand that,” said head coach Coffell. “You know, it’s a win or go home mentality and they’re bringing that into practice and they brought it into the weight room today and into the film session today and they understand it’s win or go home but it’s just another game. It’s time to go out and perform and they know if we perform to our potential that it’s going to be hard for anyone to beat us.”

“You know, I think this team is a little different. We’re using that as motivation. You know this whole year, we’ve been saying we want May and we’ve been working in the weight room or running; we’re conditioning, we’re saying we want May. I mean I think it’s getting our butts kicked the last two years is just nothing but motivation for us to go out there and dish what we received,” said senior quarterback Trevin Coffell.

(Spoiler alert: The Hornets came out on top victorious over the May Tigers 104-91, claiming their first playoff win since 1971.)