SAN ANGELO, Texas— The Sterling City Eagles and Miles Bulldogs will be facing off in Wall Thursday in the first round of the playoffs.

“We are wanting to go as far as we can, you know we are not looking at it as hey we made the playoffs let’s celebrate we’re done, we’ve got bigger goals now,” said Miles head coach Jayson Wilhelm.

The Bulldogs will look to chase history winning their first playoff game since 2014, and tying for the most wins in a season with nine in program history.

“It’s going to be emotional for everyone I think because it’s been a while since we’ve won a game in the first round. So I think this is going to be a very big win and especially knowing that the talk at the beginning of the season said that we weren’t gonna be where we are at right now, I think that this is going to be a win that’s going to shut up a lot of people,” said Miles sophomore wide receiver Dillon Medina.

This will be a rematch game as the Eagles and Bulldogs faced off in week two earlier in the season, with the Bulldogs coming out on top.

“They are a really good football team and starting off the second game of the season, we weren’t ready for some of those adjustments at halftime when they came out we weren’t able to adjust as well because we weren’t ready for that right then. I think now that we’re through a full season I think we might be able to do that,” said Sterling City head coach Trey Sisco.

With the Sterling City Eagles making the switch from six-man to 11-man this year, proving doubters wrong is something the athletes have strived to do.

“I think this is exactly how we wanted it, we wanted to prove people wrong all year that’s basically our goal. Once we saw the rankings and stuff we were just like we can prove everyone wrong we just got to play and fight to compete,” said Sterling City running back Johnny Monreal.

With this playoff game being close to home for both schools, it makes the experience a little more special for all involved.

“To have a first-round game in our own backyard for both of us really is good for both schools it’s good for football,” said Wilhelm.