SAN ANGELO, Texas— The Sterling City Eagles will be playing in their first district game in 11-man for the first time in 15 years.

“If we get everything done and execute everything right, there are not that many people that can make this transition and get their first district win coming into 11-man,” said junior cornerback River Kinsey.

The switch has been a change for the community, but the Eagles are confident they are enjoying this new team.

“Our home games have been packed. I think people are really enjoying the move to 11-man and hopefully, they will show up Friday night and cheer us on for our first district victory,” said head coach Trey Sisco.

The transition from 6-man to 11-man is not easy to grasp, but the Eagles are finding that they are improving in new ways each week.

“It’s definitely interesting the game is way longer than 6-man. It’s a whole new quarter to us since 6-man it’s ten minutes long and now that we have twelve-minute quarters, it’s way different. Our linemen have been struggling a little bit being able to last the game and even us backs. As we have gone, I think we have been getting into more shape and we are starting to realize how to go through the game fine,” said junior running back Johnathan Monreal.

The Iraan Braves will be traveling to Eagle Stadium Friday night. These two teams are coming off a loss in week four and are hoping to build some success going into a new week.

“Going into the game the atmosphere of home team advantage would be better for us, but also I think just if we execute our plays as well as we did in the scrimmage, everything should turn out how we’d like,” said Kinsey.

With the Eagles struggling to keep athletes healthy so far throughout the season, Coach Sisco is confident that this week they are more than ready for this challenge.

“And also getting healthy, I think this would be the healthiest we’ve been since the first scrimmage, so that’s going to help hopefully this week and get us starting the district off on the right foot,” said Sisco.