SAN ANGELO, Texas— The 1-10 rivalry is a game Sonora and Ozona communities look forward to each year.

“When I first got the job, I had so many people say as long as you beat Sonora we don’t care what happens. You know 1-9, we don’t care as long as that win is against Sonora,” said Ozona head coach Jarryd Taylor.

These two teams enter this game with a lot of history having met for the first time on the gridiron back in 1920 and the athletes know how big this game is to all parties involved.

“It’s more than a rivalry, it’s kind of like I would say a tradition. We play them every year. Sometimes we win, and sometimes they win but I think it’s going to be a great game this year. We’re going to do really well,” said Ozona senior defensive end Michael Luna.

The Ozona Lions started off the season 0-3, but have found their rhythm the last few weeks having beaten an undefeated Miles Bulldog team in Week five heading into their bye week.

“You know district coming up, we needed that momentum. That was huge for our season,” said Taylor.

The Sonora Broncos who are 4-1 are also coming off a win over Harper entering their bye week. Going into week seven of high school football, Coach Weston knows what his team needs to do to come out successful.

“If we can control the ball then good things should happen for the Broncos and get takeaways from them as well which we have done very well on the defensive side. So, just play Bronco football,” said Sonora head coach Blake Weston.

The athletes are friends outside of football but once they hit the field on Friday, these two teams will be on a mission.

“It’s pretty important. We have a love-hate relationship you know we’re friends outside of everything, but when we get on that field they’re our enemies’ biggest rivalry of the season,” said Sonora senior running back Hunter O’banon.