SAN ANGELO, Texas— The Mason Punchers will be back home hosting the 14-2A Div. I opener against Johnson City.

“When we are at home we are just a different team. We are a lot stronger, and a lot more hyped up. I mean we are a lot more hyped up on the road, but it’s just a different atmosphere at the Puncher Dome,” said senior defensive end Cason Jacoby.

This team is coming off a challenging defensively fought game against the Wall Hawks in which they ended up falling 14-6. With two weeks to prepare for this new challenge, Coach McLeod looks at this loss in a positive light.

“Grit is what keeps them motivated. You know it lets us into open week where we could really focus on weaknesses and trying to get better and our kids did a great job of focusing on those things and getting better through our open week,” said head coach Michael McLeod.

The new goal for this upcoming week remains the same going forward for these athletes.

“Push us to finish and that’s what we need to do ultimately. We come up short in those tough situations and we don’t finish,” said junior running back Ryne Todd.

Last year, the Punchers defeated Johnson City at the Puncher Dome and hope to continue that streak going into this game Friday night.

“Very rarely do you know you get back-to-back home games like that through realignment. So, it is a benefit of ours you know the band underneath our awning just projects onto the field. It is very loud and very intimidating, and the fans are as well. Just the deep-rooted culture and tradition here are just all factors that just help you win that pre-game battle and that mental battle. Obviously, we take care of the rest on the field I’m hoping,” said McLeod.