SAN ANGELO, Texas—The Coke County Rivalry is back for another year. Bronte and Robert Lee are meeting for the 107th time Friday night.

“Both communities you know they get pretty amped up for this one so it’s special,” said Bronte head coach Tell Rutledge.

This game is not only special for these two teams, but also special to the community.

“I feel like everybody knows about it even outside of Coke County. I think it’s kind of a big deal. I think it’s more than just the teams, I think it’s a fight between the two communities,” said Bronte senior defensive end Jett Jackson.

The Steers suffered their first losing season since 2017 going 2-8 last year. The Robert Lee Steers look to continue their winning ways as they remain undefeated so far in 2022. The difference from last year to this year is simple.

“Different is the mindset. I mean last year our whole school was like our boys are not very good and this year everybody is on our back and everybody is behind us. We have a lot of supporters,” said Robert Lee junior running back Brayden Sherwood.

Head coach Lee McCown has only positive things to say regarding his team’s resilience and determination on and off the field.

“You know the guys seem like they want to get better every day and that’s what it’s going to take and that’s what I’ve seen out of them,” said Robert Lee head coach Lee McCown.

The Bronte Longhorns are coming off a win against Eden in week five and look to build on that momentum. Head coach Tell Rutledge is confident improvements have been made within this program so far.

“Robert Lee they are much improved from last year and so are we. Pretty evenly matched teams,” said Rutledge.