SAN ANGELO, Texas- Irion has not won a playoff game since 1971, but they plan to change that in this 2022 season.

The Hornets are coming into this season with high expectations after being ranked 10th in the early preseason rankings for 1A Div. 1. They have seen much success throughout the last three seasons, accumulating a record of 24-8, but the Hornets want more.

“Mindset is our motivating factor. It’s been like that since 1971 since we won a playoff game and we’re ending that this year, plain and simple,” said Head Coach Don Coffell.

We know the most important thing in any sport is winning games, but here at Irion County high school, Coach Don Coffell preaches how raising better young men for today’s society is just as important to their program.

“Be that guy on the practice field, and be that guy in the game. Someday you’re going to have a wife and kids and they’re going to expect you to be that guy and they’re going to need you to be that guy. As the entire coaching staff, we try to ingrain them in having discipline, character, effort, attitude, approach, energy, just all of it is super important,” Coach Coffell said.

“I think it’s pretty important to show these younger guys what to do and how to work. I’m going to do my best to show them,” said wide receiver Bo Morrow.

The hornets have the mindset and drive to overcome the 51-year drought. They use it as a sense of motivation knowing not many people believe they can end this feat, but they believe.

“Like I said earlier, it’s a chip on my back and I always enjoy that. I just always wanted to have that leadership and that’s always something I enjoy,” said quarterback Trevin Coffell.

Irion County will open their season August 26th at home against Buena Vista.