SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Boys and Girls club has always been a place to enable the youth, educate them on their future, and create a haven for one’s who need it most.

Here at the Boys and Girls Club in San Angelo, they provide different services and mentorship that can set the younger children up for future success.

CEO of the Boys and Girls Club, Tiffany Parker says, “What I appreciate most about what we offer our members is opportunity. We create spaces and opportunities that they might not have gotten other places. Ideally, they’re all going home to amazing loving home. But we know that’s not always the case and not because their parents don’t want to provide that, but they may not have the resources to do that”.

Sports has always been an outlet for many young kids. Often times steering them away from trouble, but to also teach them teamwork, structure, and comraderie.

One of the things we see in our members that participate in our sports leagues is the growth. They may initially come off hardheaded, but we know with sports there’s structure, there’s discipline, character building and those are things complimented by sports in our program,” said Tiffany Parker.

The Boys and Girls Club welcomes in any new members with open arms. The opportunity to make a positive impact in the youth’s lives, is the ultimate reward.