SAN ANGELO, Texas — It’s the final day of the Billy Barnett Holiday Hoops Classic over in Irion County, with still so much action going on.

#2 Irion County Hornets in the semi-finals taking on #4 McMullen, a team that has only picked up one loss so far this season.

Bo Morrow will kick it out to Jordan Harrison and look at that ball fly. That’ll be a Hornet three-pointer.

Now it’s Trevin Coffell to Morrow, down to Tyler Henderson and he’ll put it in for the Hornets.

Coffell with the long court pass, who is in the corner? It’s Wyatt Morris for the wide-open three-point shot.

McMullen extends the lead a little, traffic in the corner, a cross-court pass, and he is wide open for the shot.

Irion County falls in this one 49-39 to pick up their first loss of the season.