TAMPA, Fla. (COVERS) — Super Bowl prop bets have become as much a staple of the annual Big Game as beer and chicken wings, offering both experienced sports bettors and casual football fans thousands of unique and exciting ways to wager on the NFL Championship. They are an alternative to the standard Super Bowl odds markets like point spread, moneyline, and Over/Under total. Props can be focused on game happenings, individual team and player performances, as well as events before, during, and after the whistle blows.

Betting Super Bowl props is not only a great way to stay engaged throughout the Big Game but also to diversify your Super Bowl betting, spreading action to different parts of the contest. Props for Super Bowl 55 hits the odds boards earlier this week and we’ll continue to update as more markets become available. 

Player props

Player props are available for all NFL games but these markets are massive for a high-profile event like the Super Bowl, allowing multiple ways to wager on the performance of just about every player on the field. 

Player Over/Under props

Player Over/Under props are totals set around key stats for certain players and positions, such as the quarterback’s total number of passing yards or a receiver’s total number of catches. Oddsmakers will release an Over/Under total for those player stats and bettors can wager on if that player will go Over or Under those performance totals during the game.

Sportsbooks will release these odds in the coming days and we will update this section when they become available.

Touchdown scorers props

Touchdown props for Super Bowl LV hit the odds boards less than 12 hours after the completion of the conference championship games. Here are the opening lines:

PlayerFirst TouchdownLast TouchdownAnytime
Travis Kelce (KC)+650+650-163
Tyreek Hill (KC)+650+650-163
Chris Godwin (TB)+1,000+1,000+105
Leonard Fournette (TB)+1,000+1,000+105
Mike Evans (TB)+1,000+1,000+105
Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC)+1,100+1,100+120
Darrel Williams (KC)+1,100+1,100+120
Antonio Brown (TB)+1,400+1,400+160
Rob Gronkowski (TB)+1,400+1,400+160
Ronald Jones II (TB)+1,400+1,400+160
Patrick Mahomes (KC)+2,000+2,000+225
Tom Brady (TB)+2,800+2,800+400
Super Bowl MVP prop bet

Betting on who will win Super Bowl MVP is one of the most popular and simple player props on Super Sunday. Skill positions and star players are normally among the favorites, including the starting quarterbacks for both teams. 

Be careful when taking longshots here, however, as a quarterback has won MVP in 30 of the 54 Super Bowls. MVP Odds & Analysis

Game props

Game props are based on stats or occurrences happening throughout the game, such as the result of the opening kickoff, what the first play of the game will be, or Over/Under the total amount of turnovers by both teams.

The longest field goal made in Super Bowl LIV is a good example of a game prop. Oddsmakers set the Over/Under for the longest field goal made by either team at 47.5 yards. San Francisco kicked a 42-yard FG in the third quarter, which was the longest field goal of the game, paying out for Under 47.5 bettors.

First offensive play 
Rush -140
First scoring play
Touchdown -240
Field goal+170
Any other score+3,300
Number of accepted penalties
Over 11 -115
Under 11-125
Longest field goal scored
Over 46.5 yards-120
Under 46.5 yards-120
Longest touchdown scored
Over 44.5 yards-120
Under 44.5 yards-120
Other game props 

With a game as big as the Super Bowl, the prop betting options are nearly endless with thousands of different ways to wager on the Big Game. Some other popular game props include:

  • Will there be a score in the first 5 minutes?
  • Will there be a safety during the game?
  • Will there be a defensive or special teams touchdown?
  • Will either team have three unanswered scores? 
Team Props

Team props are simply bets based on the performance of only one of the team teams. These can be useful if you have a good feeling as to how one team will perform in the game but aren’t so certain about the other. Popular team props include the Over/Under for how many points each team will score or which team will commit the first penalty. 

Kansas City Chiefs total points
Over 30.5-110
Under 30.5-110
Tampa Bay Buccaneers total points
Over 26.5-110
Under 26.5-110
Team to commit first accepted penalty
Kansas City Chiefs-120
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-120
Exotic props

Exotic Super Bowl props are a favorite with all fans, allowing you to bet not just on the game but the event that is Super Bowl Sunday. Exotic props are often not graded by what’s in the box score or even what happens on the football field.

However, while Super Bowl exotic props are extremely popular, they’re not available in all regions. Online-based sportsbooks will offer the largest – and wildest – menu of exotics while books regulated state-by-state may be limited or prohibited to offer these kinds of markets.

National anthem

Before the ball is even snapped, you can bet on the national anthem Super Bowl prop. The most popular way to wager on the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is the length.

Sportsbooks post an Over/Under length for the time it will take the singer to sing the national anthem and you can bet on whether the singer will go Over or Under that time during their performance. For example, the Over/Under for R&B star Jazmine Sullivan and country star Eric Church to sing the Super Bowl LV national anthem. is set at 2:00. 

Over 2:00 -120
Under 2:00-120
The coin toss

Betting on the Super Bowl coin toss is a hugely popular prop and is offered at every sportsbook during the Big Game. The most common way to bet the coin toss is simply picking which side is the winning side of the flip: Head or Tails?

There’s not much handicapping or research you can do for this prop pick, as a coin toss has a 50/50 chance of landing on your side of choice.

Halftime show props

Just because the action on the field is taking a break, doesn’t mean prop betting has to. The Super Bowl halftime show has spawned a massive menu of exotic prop options over the years, with online sportsbooks having a lot of fun with the featured performers.

The Weeknd will headline the Super Bowl LV halftime show and if you have a good feeling about which song he’ll perform first or who the special guests might be, chances are you can bet on it. 

Blinding Lights+175
Pray For Me+250
Can’t Feel My Face+300
The Gatorade bath

A Super Bowl tradition is also one of its most popular exotic props, with online sportsbooks offering odds on the color of the Gatorade bath given to the winning coach of the Super Bowl.

Orange has been the most popular color over the years, but what will it be this year? 

Other/Exotic props

Exotic Super Bowl props are only limited by the imagination of online oddsmakers. These wild and fun-loving markets have exploded over the past decade, covering everything from those infamous Super Bowl commercials to who the MVP will thank first.

Some of the most notorious Super Bowl exotics include:

  • Will the game announcers reference the Super Bowl point spread?
  • Which commercial will air first: Budweiser or Doritos?
  • How many times will the quarterback’s wife be shown on camera?
  • Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first: team, family, fans, God?
Tips for betting Super Bowl props

While Super Bowl props can be a lot of fun to bet, you should have a strategy and follow these tips to make sure you end up in the Big Game black:

Build a narrative

Chances are if you’re betting Super Bowl props, you likely have a wager on the point spread or total. Use those wagers to build a narrative around how you see the game playing out and what each team has to do to get to that projected result.

Avoid contradictions

With so many Super Bowl bets available, it’s easy to get your action tangled up. Make sure you’re not betting against yourself by contradicting previous wagers. If you like the Over, don’t bet on the Under when it comes to scoring or passing props. If you like the underdog to cover the spread, don’t bet on the favorite to go Over their yardage props.

Mind the movement

Betting on props was long considered a “square” market for many years. However, with the rapid expansion in prop offerings as well as the explosion in advanced analytics, more and more sharp bettors and professional gamblers are flocking to the opening prop odds.

If you’re trying to get the best of the numbers, pay attention to the early prop odds movement in the 12 to 24 hours after sportsbooks release these markets. Bookmakers will adjust quickly to these early sharp opinions. If you’re waiting until Super Sunday to get your prop bets down, you’re likely to get the worst of the number.

Shop for props

Sportsbooks up their available prop markets every February with more and more Big Game betting options. Plenty of these props are the same, in terms of format, but the totals and juice/vig attached to them can vary from book to book. If you have multiple sportsbooks available to you, don’t be afraid to shop around for the best return on your prop betting opinions.

When are Super Bowl prop bets released?

Super Bowl prop bets are slowly released in the two-week ramp up to the Big Game. Some basic props and exotics will hit the board in the first 24 hours after the AFC and NFC champions are crowned while the bulk of the props will open after the bye weekend. There are thousands of Super Bowl props available by the Thursday before the game.