Earlier in the week we got to sit down with Wall Hawk legend, ASU legend and former New England Patriot linebacker Clayton Weishuhn. Weishuhn talked to us about playing here in the Concho Valley and his professional days.

Jeff: “Clayton first of all thank you for joining us today and first of all you obviously started your football playing career right here in Wall Texas. Just talk about your first days of being a football player.”

Clayton Weishuhn: “Oh wow. You know, it starts in junior high you know it’s a dream you try to live out. Not all get to do it. The good lord blessed me with the ability to go play and advance. Yeah it all started right here in Wall. Of course went to Angelo State and had a good career there. Luckily I was drafted and went and played six years in the NFL so I’m living a dream.”

Jeff: “You know it wasn’t just you. You had sons you had daughters that went through Angelo State. What was it like when you made that transition? You weren’t in the playing field anymore. This time you’re in the stands watching your own be a part of the ASU Ram Family.”

Weishuhn: “Yeah well I tell you what. There’s a lot of difference when children and your nieces and nephews are playing. I’m just as competitive as I use t be. I just can’t do what I use to do. It really was great. It’s just been a ride. A really really good ride.”

Jeff: “You played for the New England Patriots. In ’85 the Patriots were able to make the Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears. You unfortunately knee injury kept you out of that season but you were still a part of that team. What do you say was the main driving force for that team that year that made them go into the Super Bowl?”

Weishuhn: “Well I mean it was just almost magical to the fact that we got in as a wild card team and then to go and win all of the games on the road and go to the Super Bowl. Yes we met a really fine football team in Chicago because they thumped us good but they would have thumped a lot of people. Today I think they would have thumped a lot of people. Their defense was great and it was just a heck of a ride. i know people that played 15 years and they never even got a smell of a Super Bowl. Some of them never even the playoffs and you know they were good players or they wouldn’t have been there.”