SAN ANGELO, TX— True friends are hard to come by, especially ones that grow up together. For Alyssa Baron and Jewels Perez, their friendship has always revolved around sports.

“We have been playing together since we were four,” said senior point guard Alyssa Barron.

“We’ve played every single sport together. We’ve played soccer, we’ve done cheer, we’ve done basketball, we’ve done volleyball. Having her by my side is special because not everybody gets to have a friend or someone they go through everything with,” said Barron.

As the girls have grown, their bond has helped build chemistry on the court.

“We know each other way too much, and like she said I know what she’s going to do she knows what I’m going to do, and our chemistry grows, even more, every game,” said senior forward Jewels Perez.

As seniors, their time playing together is coming to an end, and even though they will be attending different colleges, their friendship will remain the same.

“No matter how much we spread apart and no matter how far we are from each other especially going to college and being so far apart, I know that we are always going to be able to come back together. We always pick up where we left off no matter what separates us,” said Barron.

Cherishing every memory together is something the girls do every day.

“I never thought in a million years that I would experience what a best friend is and what it feels like. Coming to the end of our season, it’s really sad because we aren’t going to go to the same college, we aren’t going to be with each other like we are 24/7, and so it’s just been amazing, and I’m cherishing every moment I can,” said Perez.