Staying on the campus of Central inside the Babe the Bobcats are hosting their sixth annual basketball camp under Head Coach Jamie Boswell. The camp consists of two sessions with the older future Bobcats attending in the morning and the younger crowd showing up in the after noon. Former Bobcats standouts like Brock Barger are on hand to help lead the younger guys by showing them the basics and sportsmanship. Numbers have also gained considerably since coach Boswell took over six years ago, with many current Bobcats getting their start under Boswell six years ago.

Brock Barger: “Coming back to the old high school gym and some of the players I played with and coach Boswell coach Nichols and all the guys it’s really fun you know. Just teaching them kind of the basics of the game and teaching them sportsmanship. It’s just really good to get back.”

Jamie Boswell: “First year we had like 40 kids in our big camp eight in our small now we’re up to almost 100 in each.”