(San Angelo, Tx.)– Water Valley’s first 11-Man game in over two decades as they hosted Abilene TLCA.

Abilene Eagles with the ball. No. 18 Sophomore, Anthony Cordero, kicks it to the 50 yard line. Wildcats Junior, No. 22 Chaden Gibbs, scoops up the ball running it all the way to the end zone. This play would put the Wildcats at 6-0.

Staying in the first quarter, Wildcats with the ball at the 10 yd. line. The ball is passed off to No. 24 Senior, Wyatt Sutton. Sutton takes it to the end zone putting the Wildcats up 14-0 over Abilene TLCA.

Still in the first quarter, Wildcats ball, once again. Gibbs runs the ball into the end zone. That touchdown would put the scoreboard at 22-6 Wildcats.

The final score ends with a huge win for the Water Valley Wildcats over the Abilene TLCA Eagles with a score of 80-19.

Water Valley is set to host Hamlin next week.