GRAPE CREEK — Cart racers at WFO Motorsports took to the track for the first time in three months on Friday.

For three years, WFO Motorsports has given drivers from ages four to 80 a chance to compete in the sport they love.

“It’s important for the community to get back out and see us racing again,” said W.F.O Motorsports owner Justin Harvey. “If you are a motorsports enthusiast this is the place for you in San Angelo. There’s nothing else better than this.”

While some participants are from the Concho Valley, the track has also drawn the interest of several others from all over the country.

Aside from the chance to sling dirt and trade paint, the family-friendly environment created by W.F.O Motorsports has extended beyond the track, creating special bonds and relationships.

“We went through a pandemic together and our country is kind of a blur right now, but we can all still gather together for one purpose and have a good time,” Harvey said. “It’s important for the community to remember that everything in the world isn’t hate. There are good things in the world and this is one of them.”

For more information on upcoming events check out their Facebook Page: W.F.O Motorsports Park