SAN ANGELO, TX. — After the recent addition of volleyball, Christoval ISD is hosting its first camp that began on Monday. The camp is three days, broken into two sessions, the first being for first through fifth graders and the second session is open to sixth through ninth graders.

“For me, it’s just going to jumpstart our season. we have the seventh and eighth graders and the freshmen here. So, they are getting a leg up already, before we see them when school starts on August 17th. We are just kind of getting the momentum going and then will be ready to hit the ground running, and just go crazy all fall long,” said Coach Jenn Tilson.

Coach Tilson is hopeful going into the season, as they are laying the foundation. Even though the current juniors & seniors might not see district play, they are setting the tone for the seventh & eighth graders who will be the first ones chasing a playoff, or state title.

“There’s something about Christoval kids is they’re competitive. Whether it’s one-act plays, or band, or athletics, they are going to go and win, they’re competitive, they don’t care what it is. So, we are just laying our name out there, like here we are, and we’re going to be chasing some gold balls and we’re going to be fighting for those playoff runs, deep playoff runs all the way to November, here pretty soon,” said Tilson.

Christoval ISD will compete at the junior high level and have two junior varsity teams that will play independent schedules until the next UIL realignment.