SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Concho Valley resident and retired bull rider Casey Baize joined Carolyn McEnrue to talk about what he does during the performances and how his experience in rodeo is helping some of the cowboys get out of the shoots.

“I’m basically a, I guess you call it a ‘chute boss’, so I’m on the rough stock end with all the bucking horses and bucking bulls,” Baize explained. “I just try to keep everything flowing good.”

At times during the rodeo, animals don’t quite cooperate with the riders, causing downtime during the rodeo. “You know if a horse is acting up or a bull is throwing a fit we may go to the next guy.”

Throughout his years of bull riding in the rodeo, Baize intuitively knows what to do and look out for when it comes to these bucking animals.

“Especially in the bull riding, I can see down there and I know if those guys are really trying to get out or if they’re not and kind of know what to do to help them get out a little faster.”

This year at the 2023 San Angelo Rodeo, only eight riders have been able to hold on for an eight-second ride on the back of a bull. The rodeo will be back in action on Friday, April 7 in the Foster Communications Coliseum.