SAN ANGELO, Texas – The 90th Annual San Angelo Rodeo opened with the first performances on Friday, April 1st. Competitors took to the ring to showcase their skills in bareback riding, steer wrestling, tie-down roping, team roping, saddle bronc riding, barrel racing, and bull riding.

Bareback Riding

Bareback Riding

Bareback riders entered the arena first and tried to hold on for an eight-second ride. Seth Hardwick leads Friday night with a score of 84 after his ride on Dark Secret.

Seth Hardwick84Dark Secret
Chad Rutherford82Black River
Orin Larsen80Little Annie
Zack Brown70Jail Bird
April 1 – Bareback Scores

After bareback riders competed, those competing in steer wrestling took to the dirt next.

Steer Wrestling

From Friday’s performance, two of the riders were placed within the first-round leaders. In their runs tonight, Dakota Elridge came in with a time of 3.9 seconds and Tory Johnson followed behind with a time of 4.0 seconds.

Cade Goodman 2.5
Talon Roseland 3.8
Bryn Roy 3.8
Trell Etbauer 3.8
Dakota Eldridge 3.9
Troy Jonson 4.0
Jason Thomas4.2
Blake Mindemann4.2
Dalton Massey4.2
Steer Wrestling – First-Round Leaders

Team ropers made their way into the ring in hopes to rope a low time with their partner.

Team Roping

Team Roping - San Angelo Rodeo April 1, 2022

Of the seven teams that competed, only two teams have times low enough to make it as first-round leaders. Lightning Aguilera and Coleby Payne ended their night with a time of 3.9 seconds with Caleb Smidt and Sergio Gonzalez following behind with a time of 4.1.

J.C. Yeahquo/L.J. Yeahquo3.9
Lightning Aguilera/Coleby Payne3.9
Caleb Smidt/Sergio Gonzales4.1
Dawson Graham/Dillon Graham4.2
Casey Tew/Brushton Minton4.5
Wyatt Bray/Will Woodfin4.6
Andrew Livingston/Seth Smithson4.6
Charly Crawford/Dustin Davis4.7
Payden Emmett/Lucas Falconer4.7
Wyatt Imus/Caleb Anderson4.7
Kolton Schmidt/Tyson Wyatt Cox4.7
Team Roping – First-Round Leaders

Saddle Bronc

Broncs entered the scene again for some saddle bronc riding that led to the qualifications of six of the eight riders. Riggin Smith took the lead tonight with 83 points on the horse Django.

Riggin Smith83.0Django
Cauy Pennington 80.0Hometown Girl
Isaac Diaz78.5Money Talks
Jacob Lewis77.0Daisy Dukes
Weston R. Patterson75.0Montana Cat
Gus Gaillard73.0Ruffled Feathers
April 1 – Saddle Bronc Riding Scores

Tie Down Roping

Tie Down Roping - San Angelo Rodeo April 1, 2022

Calves made their way back into some shoots for a round of tie-down roping after saddle bronc riding. Ten competitors competed in Friday’s event, but only one had a time low enough to place him with the first-round leaders. Blake Ash ended the night with a time of 8.3 seconds.

Tyler Milligan7.6
Travis Rogers 7.6
Dakota Felton7.8
Riley Wakefield8.0
Cody McCartney8.1
Cash Hooper8.3
Blake Ash8.3
Wyatt Muggli8.8
Russell Schilling8.8
Tie-Down Roping – First-Round Leaders

Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing was also one of the many events that took place at the rodeo. Steely Steiner came out on top in the second-round leaders with a time of 14.60.

Steely Steiner14.60
Kaitlin Schnuckk14.64
Jodye Smathers14.68
Whitney Davison14.85
Madison MacDonald Thomas14.95
Carrie Potashnick15.01
Jody McPherson15.09
Brooke McGehee15.11
Kelly Bruner15.12
Brittney Barnett19.69
Barrel Racing – Second-Round Leaders

Bull Riding

Bull Riding - San Angelo Rodeo April 1, 2022

To wrap up the first day of the San Angelo Rodeo, bull riders strapped down for an attempt at an eight-second ride. Eleven riders competed tonight, but only three were able to hold on long enough to score. Tristen Hutchings was able to come out with a score of 84.5 after his ride on Majestic Blues. No other riders qualified.

Tristen Hutchings 84.5 Majestic Blues
Jaron Sheehan84Lap Dance
Jordan Wacey Spears84OLS Tubs Riggs
April 1 – Bull Riding Scores