SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST/KSAN) – The 2022 San Angelo Rodeo entered its 11th performance at the Foster Communications Coliseum on Thursday, April 14th.

Bareback Riding

Bareback riders had better luck in their rides in the 11th performance. Riders must get a ride of 81 points or higher in order to ride again in the finals on Friday.

Tim Murphy from Cleveland, TX started the night out with an 84-point ride on Knight Mare. Caleb Bennett from Corvallis, MT also placed within the top 12 with an 84-point ride on Put It Away.

Steer Wrestling

Steer wrestlers had a harder time trying to make time in the top 12.

Gus Franzen of Kearney, NE was able to make his way into 11th after a 4.7-second run.

Team Roping

No changes were made in the leader boards in team roping in Thursday night’s performance.

Erich Rogers from Round Rock, AZ and Paden Bray of Stephenville, TX achieved the fastest time of the night at 4.1-seconds.

Saddle Bronc Riding

Saddle bronc riders needed to score 83-points or more in order to make it to the finals.

Rookie Jake Wright scored his career highest of 83-points on Big Sky. This ride placed him on the bubble of the top 12 scores for finals.

Tie-Down Roping

San Angelo’s very own Ty Harris made a 7.7-second run. This placed him in first in the aggregated leaders with two runs totaling 15.6-seconds. Marty Yates from Stephenville, TX got a third place spot with the aggregated leaders with two runs equalling 16.4-seconds.

Senora Scott go to talk with 3rd place aggregated leader Marty Yates during the KSAN 10 o’clock news.

Barrel Racing

Thursday night’s barrel racers put on a show as they all faught for the first place positions after two runs.

Shannon McReynolds of La Luz, NM and Dona Kay Rule of Minco, OK both tied for first after two rides totaling 29.76-seconds. Wenda Johnson from Pawhuska, OK now sits in second with two rides totaling 29.83-seconds.

Okotoks, AB native Lisa Zachoda tied with Ericka Nelson from Century, FL with two runs at 29.96 seconds.

Margo Crowther from Fort Myers, FL secured her 4th place spot with 29.98-seconds on two runs.

The ninth place spot was filled by Bayleigh Choate from Fort Worth, Texas with two rides equalling 30.02-seconds.

Bull Riding

Bull riders needed to score an 80.5-point ride, however, no cowboys were able to reach an eight-second ride in Thursdays performance.

In the 10 o’clock KLST news, Carolyn McEnrue interviewed rodeo announcer Boyd Pohamus.