At the games in Rio, one house stands alone as people wait in long lines to make their way inside. It’s called the NBA House.

Once inside, they find as many exhibits as Steph Curry’s regular season point average. Curry’s teammate, Anderson Varejao, is from Brazil. A total of eight other Brazilians also play in the NBA.

“Brazilians are very connected and engaged with the league,” NBA House Director Rodrigo Vincenti said.

Local fans will wait as long as it takes to take in the site.

“I love NBA. I love Lakers, so I wait 40 minutes just to see everything about NBA.”

There’s plenty to see and more importantly, do. It’s all very interactive. You can shoot hoops on screen, on a timer, or on the court. When fans have worked up a sweat,  they can hydrate at the sports bar or the private lounge if you’re an MVP..

The best part about the NBA House, free throws aren’t the only thing free, so is admission.

In the first five days, the NBA House had nearly 40,000 guests.