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Which Star Wars statue is best?

Star Wars is one of the greatest pop-culture franchises in the world. Fans have grown up with the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and countless other characters, so it’s no surprise these heroes have found their way onto the collectible market.

There are a wide variety of Star Wars statues for any enthusiast who wants to show off their fandom and decorate their home at the same time. The Kotobukiya Star Wars Yoda and R2-D2 Dagobah ARTFX+ Statue 2-Pack is the best of both worlds.

What to know before you buy a Star Wars statue


Some Star Wars statues are full-size (depicting a character from head to toe) while others are busts (a character from the waist up). Look for the size that is most appropriate for your display space. Full-size statues take up more space vertically. Busts are shorter but take up extra space horizontally since they depict characters close-up.


Star Wars statues vary considerably in style. Some are more realistic and adhere closely to the way characters are depicted in the movies. Others are more stylized or exaggerated as artists put their own spins on a character or scene.


Pay close attention to the company that makes each Star Wars statue. Many companies advertise Star Wars statues that are more like oversized Star Wars toys or plastic replicas than proper statues. Anything made by an unrecognizable company or that retails for less than $100 likely is not a quality statue. Sideshow Collectibles, Gentle Giant and Kotobukiya are some of the reputable Star Wars statue manufacturers.

What to look for in a quality Star Wars statue

Build quality

Star Wars statues are high-end collectibles, so fans want something that will last for years. The best way to ensure your statue stays in your collection is to start with a well-built product. Make sure the statue doesn’t have any flimsy parts likely to break off. Look at how the statue is designed. Does it have a solid base that will keep it from falling over? Find out what it’s made of. Polystone and polyresin are the most durable materials.


The purpose of a Star Wars statue is to be looked at, so details matter. Does the statue use the right colors for the character? Does it include the smaller things fans would expect to see, such as a character’s logo, battle damage or a defining physical characteristic? Is the paint job done well or is it sloppy?


Star Wars statues that are inexpensive usually are made of an inferior material or don’t have as much detail. Statues that are very expensive often are overpriced. Since Star Wars is a popular fandom and products have limited runs, some retailers charge higher than usual prices because the items are so collectible. The one exception is statues from Japanese companies. In that case, it’s normal for fans to pay a higher price because the products are coming from overseas. Look for statues that work within your price range.

How much you can expect to spend on a Star Wars statue

Most Star Wars statues range from $100 to $250, depending on the size of the statue and its manufacturer.

Star Wars statue FAQ

Which Star Wars statue manufacturer is the best?

A. There are three companies that produce most Star Wars statues: Gentle Giant, Sideshow Collectibles and Kotobukiya. Each has its own distinct style, so which one is best comes down to what style you prefer. Kotobukiya statues are more expensive because they are manufactured in Japan.

What Star Wars films and series have statues?

A. The majority of Star Wars statues are characters from the original “Star Wars” trilogy. Statues from newer films and series are limited to the most popular characters, such as Kylo Ren, Rey and Ahsoka Tano. The one notable exception is the Mandalorian. With the popularity of the Disney+ series, there are numerous Star Wars statues of the title character.

What’s the best Star Wars statue to buy?

Top Star Wars statue

Kotobukiya Star Wars Yoda and R2-D2 Dagobah ARTFX Statue 2-Pack

Kotobukiya Star Wars Yoda And R2-D2 Dagobah ARTFX+ Statue 2-Pack

What you need to know: This Star Wars statue set features two of the most iconic characters in one of the franchise’s best-known scenes and immortalizes them in detail.

What you’ll love: The detail on this set is astounding, with bright colors that pop and signs of age that make the characters look alive.

What you should consider: The statues are small because both of the characters included are short.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top Star Wars statue for the money

Star Wars Darth Vader Legends in 3 Dimensions 1 2 Scale Bust

Star Wars: Darth Vader Legends in 3 Dimensions 1:2 Scale Bust

What you need to know: This Star Wars statue does justice to the franchise’s best villain with an instantly recognizable pose.

What you’ll love: The 10-inch height perfectly captures Vader’s fearsome look and there are additional details on the base. Weighing more than 9 pounds, it’s a solid piece of art.

What you should consider: Some fans may not prefer the bust style. The bigger size is not ideal for smaller spaces.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Gentle Giant Star Wars Premier Collection The Mandalorian MK3 1 7 Scale Statue

Gentle Giant Star Wars Premier Collection: The Mandalorian MK3 1:7 Scale Statue

What you need to know: The most popular Star Wars character in years is immortalized in a statue with a memorable action pose.

What you’ll love: This Star Wars statue brings home the character everyone is talking about so it’s an instant conversation piece. The design has the Mandalorian in a full action pose, making it one of the more dynamic statues available.

What you should consider: The statue is very specific to one TV series. The mostly brown color scheme is accurate but does not stand out as much as other statues on the market.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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