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Which standing desk converter is best?

It’s no secret that long days spent sitting at a desk can negatively impact your health. Studies have shown that this kind of sedentary lifestyle can lead to back pain, weight gain and even an increased risk of heart disease.

To prevent these issues, many people are looking into standing desks. If you lack the space, a standing desk converter is a great alternative. You can position these devices on any conventional work surface and adjust to your height preference. The VIVO 36-Inch Standing Desk Converter is the top pick because it’s durable, adjustable and quick to assemble.

What to know before you buy a standing desk converter


  • Standing desk converters are typically cheaper, more portable and require less space than a traditional standing desk device.
  • Working at a standing desk burns more calories than sitting, thereby reducing your risk of obesity.
  • A standing desk can alleviate back pain and improve posture.
  • Standing while working can reduce the depressive symptoms and anxiety thought to be caused by excessive sitting time.
  • Some research has shown that using a standing desk and reducing sedentary behaviors could increase your life expectancy.
  • Standing desk converters can improve productivity, even if you only stand for brief periods throughout the day.

Tips for using a standing desk

For best results when using a standing desk converter, adjust the height of the device so your head, neck and torso are almost completely in line. The desk should allow you to keep your wrists straight and your hands level with your elbows. Your computer monitor should be about an arm’s length away and the top of the screen should be eye level. Try to wear shoes or insoles with comfortable arch support.

At first, you may have trouble working a full day at your standing desk. If this happens, try alternating between sitting and standing throughout the work day, slowly increasing your standing time as your body grows accustomed to the device.

What to look for in a quality standing desk converter


You can easily adjust the height of most standing desk converters with a lever or crank. Consider how tall your existing desk is and make sure the converter you choose can be raised enough to be at eye level.

Construction and portability

Look for a standing desk converter that’s durable enough to accommodate your monitor, keyboard and any other office supplies you want on hand. Most converters are constructed from sturdy materials such as metal and laminate, and often feature multiple surface levels for your keyboard and mouse. If your job requires you to work both at home and at the office, consider a device that’s tough but lightweight enough to collapse and carry with you.

Surface area

Consider everything you’ll need to place on your standing desk and make sure the model you choose has sufficient surface area. Most standing desk converters have a surface area of about 20-70 inches.

How much you can expect to spend on a standing desk converter

The cost of a standing desk converter can vary depending on the size and construction of the device. Most consumers can expect to pay $80-$300 for a high-quality converter.

Standing desk converter FAQ

Are standing desks bad for your knees?

A. Some people may experience knee pain when using a standing desk because they stay in one position for too long. Try walking around or changing your position every hour or so to reduce strain. You can also alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day until you have built sufficient strength in your knees.

Are standing desk converters difficult to set up?

A. Unlike traditional standing desks, standing desk converters are often almost completely assembled straight out of the box. Other models may require minimal assembly, so follow the instructions closely before attempting to use the device.

What’s the best standing desk converter to buy?

Top standing desk converter

VIVO 36-Inch Standing Desk Converter

VIVO Adjustable 36-Inch Standing Desk Converter

What you need to know: This popular standing desk is spacious, quick to assemble and affordable. It’s available in five color options.

What you’ll love: Backed by VIVO’s solid reputation, this sturdy standing desk has 36 inches of surface area and an integrated keyboard tray. This model uses a unique counterbalance tension design to reach 17 inches of height from the surface of your existing desk.

What you should consider: The built-in keyboard tray is not adjustable, which can be uncomfortable for some users.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top standing desk converter for the money

HUANUO Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

HUANUO Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

What you need to know: Simple and affordable, this adjustable standing desk converter is ideal for smaller work areas.

What you’ll love: This standing desk converter can support 22 pounds of weight and comes assembled straight out of the box. The budget-friendly device can reach a maximum standing height of 16.1 inches.

What you should consider: The surface area may be too small for some users, and others reported issues with the adjustable-height lever getting stuck.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

FlexiSpot Desk Riser Standing Desk Converter

FlexiSpot Desk Riser Standing Desk Converter

What you need to know: Versatile and sleek, this converter comes in two color options and five sizes.

What you’ll love: Boasting an ergonomic two-tier design, this popular standing desk converter uses a gas spring system to support up to 33 pounds while reaching nearly 20 inches of height from the surface of your existing desk.

What you should consider: While the device itself is popular, multiple users reported issues with FlexiSpot’s customer service.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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