HOUSTON (KIAH) – Along with the first day of winter, comes cooler temperatures. One Texas business shares tips on how to care for indoor plants when the seasons change.

A shop called “The Plant Project” is located in Montrose Houston. It was created to celebrate community, culture, and plants.

I wanted to people to feel as though they’re walking into their friend’s home. Into their family’s home. And they are getting closer to that passion.

Bree Iman Clarke, Founder, and Creator of The Plant Project Houston

The Plant Project started in Dallas, Texas, and later expanded to Houston. The Founder and Creator Bree Clarke says she’s the first black woman to own a plant shop in the city of Dallas.

Clarke says she wanted to create a unique experience for each customer. Each shop is in a small home that she turns into a business.

“Whenever people come inside, the first thing I tell them… whatever plant you’re drawn to, that’s your plant. And you just don’t get that when you go to a big box store. So that intimate one-one setting in a smaller store is what we want,” Clarke said.

As the temperatures outside change, Clarke has these winter care tips for plant owners:

“You want to make sure that you’re waterless in the wintertime. Because all the moisture is being held in the plant. Of course, it’s colder. Then it doesn’t dry out as much with the sun and all that. Also, moving away from the windows. So that they’re not getting as much as that draft,” said Clarke.

If you’re looking to become a “Plant mom” or “dad” this winter, The Plant Project will help you find the perfect one for you. The organization provides care tips and helps you create a schedule.

In the words of Clarke, “You need to get a plant that fits your lifestyle. And so that’s why I think the Plant Project is perfect for you because you’re given that 101.”

Clarke encourages everyone to have at least one plant in their home. She says they’re more than just decoration. Plants are therapy. They can help with anxiety and depression.

“Plants are feel good. They are more than plants. The power of plants is just amazing. When you walk into it the oxygen… it boosts your mood. You breathe easier. It’s kind of like, it just lets go of the stuff that you have going on,” said Clarke.

For starters, the plant project recommends three easy to care for plants: The Monstera, Pothos, and Snake Plant.