SAN ANGELO, Texas — According to google we have counted a total of 13 coffee shops (not including Starbucks) in San Angelo with more still on their way to town, so here’s a list of the top-rated coffee shops to beat the heat this summer and what customers have to say about them!

Two of the thirteen coffee shops have a perfect 5.0 rating and they are, Lifestyles of San Angelo – Pizza & Coffee located at 221 S Chadbourne St, with 2 reviews and JC Coffee House located at 3025 Southwest Blvd with 8 reviews.

A fairly new coffee shop, Lifestyles of San Angelo – Pizza & Coffee is located where Stangos coffee shop had been previously, a review stated. “…I got a Chai Latte and it was great, but the folks working there were even better. We liked it so much we decided to come back…” JC coffee house is also a new addition to the coffee community and reviews state, “…The food was excellent and the coffee was amazing…Such nice customer service and homey feel…”

Following closely behind with a 4.9 rating is Xertz Coffee located at 2351 Sunset Dr with 86 reviews. This coffee shop isn’t a shop at all, it is a brightly colored coffee truck! Top reviews state, “…The service was friendly and fast. The coffee was great.” and, “…I love to support local businesses and I’ve had pleasant experiences…”

There’s another tie under the 4.8 rating and they are Long*Horn Coffee Co. located at 901 S Oakes St with 107 reviews, and The Bearded Barista located at 2412 College Hills Blvd with 97 reviews.

Long*Horn Coffee Co. is veteran-owned and operated, top reviews state, “This place was an amazing hidden gem…” and, “…absolutely love their back patio, and the people are just good, nice, and genuine.” The Bearded Barista is also a veteran-owned artisanal coffee shop, and top reviews state, “…So inviting and welcoming, and most of all COZY!” and, “We stopped in quickly on our way home & I didn’t want to leave!”

Making the list with a 4.7 rating is Buttercup, all day cafe located at 1921 Sherwood Way with 189 reviews. This location is popular with students with its brightly colored shop and top reviews state, “A unique coffee shop to study and read books.” and, “The owners and staff are so kind and friendly and the place is absolutely beautiful.”

For those who need a quick pick-me-up and all-time coffee lovers San Angelos coffee community has you covered!