TEMPLE, Texas – A house fire awakened two Temple women early Thursday morning. The flames were quickly extinguished, but part of the home did receive damage.

Temple Fire and Rescue say the fire started in an attached carport and small utility room. Nexstar spoke with one of the owners of the home. She did not want to be on camera, but she says she is grateful to get out alive. They were woken up by smoke filling up the house.

“We do know that it was started with a space heater that was being powered by an extension cord,” says Santos Soto, of Temple Fire and Rescue.

The woman told Nexstar this was a scary experience for her. Soto shares how you can avoid to have this happen to you.

“We like to recommend to people is, if they do have to use a space heater to warm part of their home, that they don’t leave it unattended,” says Soto.

The Fire Department arrived to the fire at 1:43 a.m. – by the time firefighters arrived, the two owners were already outside of the home with their pets.

With the temperatures dropping, Soto wants to remind homeowners to keep a three-foot area around the space heaters clear.

“Just so that the heat transfer isn’t too great to any of your belongings and ignite anything too easily,” says Soto.

And if you do use a space heater to warm up your home, don’t use an extension cord.

“Space heaters and most power equipment, appliances, stuff like that, should be plugged straight to the outlet at the wall,” says Soto.