The best standing fan for your home

According to many people, standing fans are a staple appliance in their homes. Standing fans are powerful and portable, making them one of the most versatile fans you can buy. Because they have larger blades than other fans, they’re capable of greater airflow output. As a result, standing fans are capable of cooling larger rooms and spaces. 

With so many standing fans on the market, you may be wondering which one is right for your home. This buying guide covers everything you need to know and provides some recommendations as well. 

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What to consider before buying a standing fan

Size of the room where you want to use the standing fan

Standing fans, also called pedestal fans, are usually recommended for larger rooms such as living rooms or open layout spaces. Many people use them in bedrooms or kitchens, though some feel they’re a bit too powerful or noisy for these rooms. 

Size of the standing fan

Standing fans have larger footprints than many other types of fans. Their bases measure an average of 14 to 20 inches. Height varies from 16 to 60 inches. 

Make sure there’s enough floor space and clearance to accommodate a standing fan. In addition, you need to leave space around the fan and in front of the fan so it circulates air efficiently. 


Basic standing fans with limited features run $25 to $50. Midrange standing fans with advanced settings such as timers or quiet modes cost $55 to $100. Standing fans with unique features including better aesthetics or more powerful airflow cost $100 to $300. 

Features of standing fans

Speed settings

Simple Deluxe 18-Inch High Velocity Pedestal Fan

Simple Deluxe 18-Inch High-Velocity Pedestal Fan

Most standing fans are equipped with at least two speed settings. More advanced designs have three or more speed settings, such as Simple Deluxe 18-Inch High-Velocity Pedestal Fan. Premium standing fans may have as many as 10 speed settings. 

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Stand fans are often adjustable to allow consumers to customize the direction of air circulation.

Some fans tilt up and down or left and right, whereas others have multidirectional tilt up to 360 degrees. Many standing fans are height adjustable up to 48 inches.


One of the most desirable options in a standing fan is oscillation, meaning the fan moves side to side on its own.

Oscillating fans are helpful for pushing air across a room for better overall circulation. Fixed-position fans concentrate airflow in a single direction, which means only part of a room benefits from its breeze.

Noise level

Pelonis Fan

Pelonis Ultra-Quiet Fan

Like other fans, standing fans produce a modest amount of noise while they operate. Fortunately, there are quieter standing fans available. Pelonis Ultra-Quiet Fan, for example, operates half as loudly as other fans at a mere 38 dB. 

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Remote control

It’s common for standing fans to come with remote controls. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend big bucks for this high-tech convenience, since many affordable standing fans come with remote controls. 

Misting kits

There are a few standing fans that come with misting kits that disperse tiny droplets of water into the air while the fan operates. Not only does this make cooler air blow out of the fan, it adds a modest amount of moisture to dry spaces.  

Best standing fans to cool your home

Best standing fans for $50 or less


Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Fan

Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Fan

In addition to three power settings, this fan offers three breeze modes, including nature, sleep and normal. It’s comfortable for work-from-home and remote learning spaces.

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Lasko Elegance & Performance Large Room Pedestal Fan

Lasko Elegance & Performance Large Room Pedestal Fan

Users appreciate the safe design of this fan, whose plug has a built-in fuse that cuts off the electrical current if it detects a potentially hazardous electrical fault. The fan has a simple, no-tools assembly.

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Best standing fans for $50 to $100


Hunter Home Comfort Retro Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Hunter Home Comfort Retro Oscillating Pedestal Fan

The retro styling of this standing fan includes all-metal construction with a brushed silver finish. It offers up to 85 degrees of oscillation and has adjustable tilt and height settings. 

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Boneco F120 Stand Fan

Boneco F120 Stand Fan

This modern design has three speed settings and circulates over 350 cubic feet per minute. The fan is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

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Best standing fan for $100 or more


Deco Breeze Stand Fan

Deco Breeze Stand Fan

If design is a top consideration, this decorative standing fan delivers with a birdcage design and antique-inspired base.

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