Top favorite electric heaters designed for large rooms

Whether you’re looking to warm up a drafty basement with a space heater or make your living room or bedroom cozier with an electric fireplace, it’s important to find a unit that can handle the square footage of the room it’s intended for. From portable and wall-mounted models to fireplace TV stands, we assembled a list of highly rated, top-selling electric heaters designed for large rooms.

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Types of electric heaters for home use

  • Infrared/radiant heaters work by converting electricity into radiant heat; they’re designed to heat directly in front of the unit rather than heating the air in the room. They provide instant heat but are slower to heat up a space as opposed to other types of heaters. Infrared heaters run quietly, are energy efficient and won’t affect the humidity levels of a room.
  • Convection heaters involve air blowing over a heating element that is then recirculated around the room. They’re excellent at quickly heating entire rooms over extended periods of time. On the other hand, they’re not as energy efficient as infrared heaters and can dry the air in the room they’re used in, which may lead to eye irritation, a sore nose and other unpleasant effects. A humidifier would help alleviate those conditions.
  • Ceramic heaters are a type of convection heater that involves a process by which an electric current is passed through a ceramic conductor. While not as energy efficient as infrared heaters, they’ll still generate more energy savings and cost less to operate than other heater types. The ceramic component is cool to the touch and does not overheat, whereas other types of heaters require safety measures such as tip-over and overheat protection. Ceramic heaters are among the most compact options, as well.
  • Fan-forced/forced air heaters function similarly to a hair dryer, pulling air into the system and through a heat exchanger, inside of which electric elements warm up the air. Fan-forced units heat up rooms quickly and effectively but are noisy compared to other heater types. They also remove moisture from the air, which can feel uncomfortably dry like with convection heaters.

Heating capacity considerations

Wattage and British Thermal Units indicate how large of a space a heater can effectively warm up. Watts indicate the energy transfer rate, while BTUs indicate the amount of energy used. 1 watt is equivalent to 3.41 BTU, and approximately 20 BTUs are necessary to adequately heat 1 square foot in a well-insulated home. As an example, 1,500 watts equal 5,115 BTUs, which amounts to a little over 250 square feet.

Best portable electric heaters

Brown and black Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater on white background

Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater

This radiant electric heater has two heat settings, with an adjustable thermostat that maintains the temperature in the room. It’s capable of heating 260 square feet as a singular heat source or 1,000 square feet for supplementary heating. It has a 12-hour programmable timer and either manual or remote control operation. Castor wheels make it easy to reposition and move from room to room.

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Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater on white background

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater

With its slim profile, this ceramic tower heater’s small footprint makes it a real space saver. The electric convection heater features two heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, an eight-hour programmable timer and remote control operation. It’s suitable for spaces up to 300 square feet. This heater oscillates to distribute air evenly in the room and weighs only 7 pounds, so it’s quite portable.

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Dreo Electric Portable Space Heater in black on white background

Dreo Electric Portable Space Heater

This portable radiant heater has an adjustable thermostat and four heat settings including an eco-friendly mode, making it more customizable than comparable models. It heats rooms efficiently up to 300 square feet. You can set the timer up to 24 hours in advance and adjust the temperature manually or using the remote control. Caster wheels make it conveniently portable.

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Best wall-mounted electric heaters

White and black Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared Space Heater on white background

Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared Space Heater

This infrared heater stands out with its Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control the temperature with a smartphone and the adjustable thermostat. As a primary heat source, it’s only suitable for rooms up to 150 square feet but offers 1,000 square feet of supplemental heating. You can install it as a wall-mounted unit or use the attachable feet for a floor installation.

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Dr Infrared Wall-Ceiling Mounted Heater on white background

Dr Infrared Wall/Ceiling Mounted Heater

This powerful radiant model heats rooms up to 750 square feet. You can install it as a wall- or ceiling-mounted unit and adjust the thermostat using the remote control. Five adjustable louvers let you direct the airflow.

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Cadet Com-Pak Twin Electric Wall Heater on white background

Cadet Com-Pak Twin Electric Wall Heater

This forced air model includes two heaters housed behind a single grill for quickly heating large rooms up to 600 square feet. With this wall unit, you get an adjustable thermostat but no remote control.

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Best electric fireplace heaters

Sei Furniture Calvert Electric Carved Fireplace

Sei Furniture Calvert Electric Carved Fireplace

This radiant fireplace has elegant carved floral trim for a sophisticated traditional look. Offering 400 square feet of supplemental heat, the realistic firebox includes multicolor, flickering flames and glowing embers with a lifelike, interior brick design. You can turn off the heat and simply admire the ambience of the fireplace. A remote control adjusts the thermostat, timer, logs and flames separately. This fireplace with a classic silhouette comes in brown and cream.

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Duraflame Infrared Fireplace Stove in black on white background

Duraflame Infrared Fireplace Stove

This rustic fireplace stove provides 1,000 square feet of supplemental infrared heating. It features realistic flames and glowing logs, with the option to operate as a heater or without heat to simply add ambience to the room. This fireplace includes an adjustable thermostat and five color, brightness and speed settings. As a bonus, it comes in five neutral colors.

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Walker Edison Wren Classic TV Console Fireplace in white on white background

Walker Edison Wren Classic TV Console Fireplace

This farmhouse-style fireplace doubles as a media console, capable of accommodating a 65- or 80-inch TV, depending on the model. It has an attractive weathered wood grain in 14 colors. The realistic lighting and flame effects can be used with or without heat; with supplemental heating, it warms rooms up to 400 square feet. The TV stand includes two adjustable shelves for storing video and audio components with convenient cable management ports.

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