TEMPLE, Texas – This Sunday, the clocks are rolling back an hour for Daylight Saving Time.

Temple Fire and Rescue’s Santos Soto wants to remind people to change out the old batteries in your smoke detectors.

“Working smoke alarms are proven to save lives in the event of a house fire, and just keeping that smoke detector up and in good working order with those fresh batteries just means you’re a little bit safer in your home,” Soto says.

Temple Fire and Rescue encourages everyone to change out their batteries once a year, and it doesn’t have to be on Daylight Saving Time.

“It can be any holiday. It could be your birthday. It could be something. But we encourage the citizens to pick a date that they’re going to remember and just know, ‘Hey, every year on this day when this happens, I’m going to change those batteries out,'” says Soto.

Soto wants to remind homeowners to test their smoke detectors once a month, and if you’re not sure if it’s time to get a new one, “There’s a manufactured date on the back of those detectors. And if that detector’s older than ten years, we suggest that they replace it with something that’s working a little bit better.”

If you do have to replace the smoke detector, “We offer installs. And all you have to do is call the Fire Department, the non-emergency number. That number is 254-298-5682,” says Soto.