Which Disney shirt for women is best?

Disney is one of the most popular entertainment brands in the world, and it’s also one of the most popular fashion brands. Disney fans love to represent their favorite characters, shows and films by adding them to their wardrobe. A great Disney shirt for women can be worn not only at the Disney Parks but to the mall, on vacation or even out on a Saturday night with friends. It’s all about finding the Disney shirt for women that matches your personal style. Our top pick, Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Squad T-Shirt, covers all the classic characters you love.

What to know before you buy a Disney shirt for women


Shirts marketed specifically for women are often labeled as “women’s fit” or “junior’s fit.” This means they’re slimmer because they’re intended to be more form-fitting. However, that can also affect the design of a shirt. Designs on a women’s fit shirt will be smaller because there is less room for the image. That can result in the print being less clear. It’s a good idea to look at product pictures before buying a Disney shirt for women.


Disney shirts for women lean heavily into colors typically found in ladies’ merchandise. Most choices involve pinks, whites or blues. There’s also a tendency toward pastel colors. If you’re a woman who doesn’t like these colors or wants to wear something darker, your options are more limited than ladies’ shirts from other brands.

Shirts vs. tank tops

When searching online for Disney shirts for women, you’ll quickly find that most retailers lump shirts in with tank tops. There are an overwhelming number of Disney tank tops on the market. There are also some designs that are sold as both T-shirts and tanks. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to narrow the search down to just shirts. Even specifically searching “Disney shirt for women” brings up dozens of tank tops. Be prepared to spend a bit more time shopping if you’re not interested in tanks.

What to look for in a quality Disney shirt for women

Large print

Buying a Disney shirt for women is about showing off your love of Disney. It doesn’t make much of an impact if fans purchase a shirt that has a small image on it or limits the design to one corner. Plus, it’s not worth paying the extra money that comes with purchasing a Disney shirt if that shirt doesn’t look much different from a generic T-shirt. Find a shirt that celebrates Disney as much as you do.

Print quality

It doesn’t matter how interesting the print is on your Disney shirt for women if it fades or cracks the first time you put it in the washer. Look for a shirt that has a quality print that will last for years to come. This isn’t something normally listed in product descriptions, so the best way to judge print quality is to read consumer reviews from people who have purchased the shirt.

Official products

Disney’s popularity means there are a lot of knockoff Disney products, and that includes T-shirts. Check the product listing to ensure the Disney shirt for women you’re buying is an officially licensed shirt. Another way to verify this is to look up the brand name to see if it’s an officially licensed retailer.

How much you can expect to spend on a Disney shirt for women

Disney shirts for women range in price from $15-$35. Plus sizes may be slightly more expensive depending on the manufacturer.

Disney shirt for women FAQ

Do Disney shirts for women shrink?

A. It depends on what they’re made from. Shirts that are 100 percent cotton are likely to shrink slightly the first time you wash them. Shirts that are a cotton blend probably won’t shrink much, if at all. Some product descriptions list what the shirt is made out of so read the full description. If you’re on the borderline between sizes, it’s a good idea to size up in case of shrinkage.

Do Disney shirts for women have uniform sizing?

A. No. Several companies make Disney shirts for women. Disney sells its own T-shirts while also licensing its characters to other clothing brands. Don’t purchase any Disney shirt for women without looking at the size chart. If one isn’t provided with the product listing, search for the retailer online and look for a size chart on its website.

What’s the best Disney shirt for women to buy?

Top Disney shirt for women

Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Squad T-Shirt

Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Squad T-Shirt

What you need to know: This colorful Disney shirt for women features all the classic Disney characters in one group print.

What you’ll love: The shirt has almost all the characters that built the Disney brand. The characters are easily recognizable. The image takes up the majority of the shirt so it gives fans plenty of bang for their buck.

What you should consider: The print has an intentionally faded style that may not appeal to everyone. It doesn’t feature any newer characters.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Disney shirt for women for the money

Disney Villains x Heidi Klum Evil Queen Scream T-Shirt

Disney Villains x Heidi Klum Evil Queen Scream T-Shirt

What you need to know: A Disney shirt for women designed by supermodel Heidi Klum, it features one of the most powerful women in the Disney universe.

What you’ll love: The sublimation style of this shirt makes it stand out in any crowd. The Evil Queen is appropriately evil and scary looking. The print matches one of her most iconic scenes from “Sleeping Beauty.”

What you should consider: The extra-large and extra-small sizes of this shirt are significantly more expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Disney Moana Hei Hei Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Disney Moana Hei Hei Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

What you need to know: This shirt pairs a hilarious “Moana”-related pun with long sleeves to keep Disney fans warm in breezy or cool weather.

What you’ll love: The bright teal makes this one of the most colorful Disney shirts for women. The pun on the front of the shirt is hilarious to anyone who’s seen the movie and sets this shirt apart from other character shirts. There are additional designs on both sleeves.

What you should consider: Hei Hei is one of the more obscure Disney characters so many people may not understand the meaning of the shirt.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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