Suzanna Aguirre was born and raised in San Angelo. She graduated from Central High School and after having several of her own business ventures, began working for the city. She started in the records section at the San Angelo Police Department then moved on to the City Manager’s office taking her positive mindset with her.

“I never felt held back. I just worked hard. Everything I did I tried to work hard and I dressed for the roles I wanted and people would ask me, ‘why are you so dressed up?’ and I’d say, ‘I’m going somewhere,’” Aguirre said.

Now with the Convention and Visitors Bureau she has already accomplished many goals, but there’s one accomplishment that comes from her personal life that carries extreme significance.

“My mom. She passed away. She needed a liver transplant, so we lost her, but we have kidney disease in our family. My sister ended up needing a kidney a couple of years ago and we had just lost my mom, so it was like, ‘okay, what do we have to do to get you a new kidney?’ So, we went through this process and I went through all this testing so I could donate a kidney and we didn’t end up being a match. It was kind of scary but fortunately they had a program where you could give a kidney and somebody else gave a kidney and they would find you a match. So, we were able to get that done in probably less than a year. So, she got her kidney and that day there were five surgeries so five people received kidneys and five people gave kidneys. It’s fun to get to see her dancing and playing with her grandkids and being healthy and living her life. I’m so thankful that that’s available so I didn’t have to lose her too. So that’s one of the big things that I’m proud of. That our love for each other, we were able to do that,” Aguirre said.

Looking to the future, she says she’s excited about making an impact on the city with several projects, but so far, there’s one that’s had a major impact on her.

“I’m actually doing a project on Hispanic heritage, so I created a Facebook page during September, Hispanic heritage month. And it was so neat because people were so uplifted by that and I was surprised how many people started following it. It got like 1,600 followers in one month and there were over 360,000 hits on the page and people were sharing it, so it was awesome to see everyone inspired by the Hispanic community. It’s neat to find out the Hispanic history in San Angelo too and incorporate that into what we’re doing to promote the community,” Aguirre said.

She shared this advice for not only women but for everyone looking to make a difference.

“Just believe in yourself. Always try to have positive attitude. There’s always going to be bad days but just get through that day and go to the next day and everything works out the way it’s supposed to. Just got to not give up and have faith and believe that God’s going to make it happen and just do your part. He can do a lot of things but we’ve got to do our part too so just work for it,” Aguirre said.

The following is Suzanna Aguirre’s nomination letter:
“Suzanna is a San Angelo native. The most important thing to her is family and her community. In 2017 her sister discovered that she needed a kidney transplant. Suzanna immediately offered to be tested to donate her kidney. Although they were not a match, she was able to donate her kidney to another individual who was a match so that her sister could receive a kidney. They just celebrated their 2 year anniversary, she and her sister are doing well. For the last six years she has promoted tourism nationally and internationally in San Angelo as an employee of the Chamber of Commerce – Convention and Visitors Bureau. She works tirelessly to bring visitors to San Angelo including the Texas Police Games in 2016 and Cowboy Way Jubilee in 2019. Suzanna served on the Art Commission, the Railway Museum of San Angelo board and The Lady in Blue committee. In 2019 she created the San Angelo Hispanic Heritage page in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The page has over 1600 followers and received over 360,000 views. She has great pride in San Angelo and enjoys sharing it with the world.”