SAN ANGELO, Texas — “I think people do what they need to do, especially women,” says Robin Thompson a Remarkable Women finalist.

Thompson’s involvement in the medical field started in high school when she would volunteer at a nursing home after school, “I guess it was always an interest of mine.” She responded and later decided to pursue that interest and make it her career.

“I would go to Sandra Merritt hospital is in Oakland, California. And at the time it was a diploma program so we lived on the side of the hospital and we pretty much work at the nursing from eight to five.”

After completing the program she worked as a nurse doing Med-Surge and Coronary Care then decided to serve in a different way. Robin says she knew military service was something that she wanted to experience. First, she joined an Air Force Reserve flying unit so she could go to flight nurse school, but when she went on active duty she got stationed at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio.

“I’ve always been the type that enjoys finding the good and enjoying everything that there is to enjoy everywhere,” said Thompson.

Robin went on to spend 52 years in nursing and 16 years as a certified volunteer firefighter and first responder even now working part-time as an RN advanced EMT and EMS on-call 24/7.

Thompson said, “There’s a need here so you know we do it.”

And now she also donates her time sharing the gift of music at her church by playing each song without reading a single note.

“I play the piano here in church. I play for Community Bible study on Tuesday mornings. That kind of a nice thing about playing by ear as you’re playing kind of from your heart.”

Her message to women is to keep working and never give up.

“You just need to set your sights on your goals and look around. If you don’t see a door open over here. Maybe there’s a door open over here. There’s a way to get to where you want to go.”