SAN ANGELO, Texas – The 2nd Annual Remarkable Women Contest is being held nationwide. Nominations were accepted throughout the month of January.

One of the finalists for the Concho Valley is LeAnn Brooks.

“I was born and raised in Lovington, New Mexico, and actually worked in the hospital that I was born in so that was quite interesting and wonderful,” Brooks said.

Leann Brooks made her way to San Angelo after marrying her husband who is from the area. After that big move she thought, she’d stay with what she’d always done.

“So when I moved to San Angelo, I thought I’d just go into the hospital system, you know healthcare administration being my background, but when this opportunity arose, one of the things as an advocate in the hospital that was always hard for me was people having the means and wanting to stay at home but no opportunity to do that so my husband and I prayed about it and felt called to do this as part of our ministry,” Brooks said.

That ministry: open Visiting Angels. A company where the name is symbolic.

“Definitely like we said it is a franchise but it fits, I can’t tell you how many people walk in and say, they sent me angels,” Brooks said.

The workers, or angels, at Leann’s business are all answering a call. The same call she felt that inspired her to fill a great need in the Concho Valley.

“Visiting Angels is a personal assistance company and we service 21 and older disabled and elderly individuals so they can stay in their homes independently  and we help them with anything from companionship all the way to end of life and everything in between. So we try to be the hands and feet of Christ and Visiting Angels is just and extension of that,” Brooks said.

But being the hands and feet means work…and lots of it. Leann remembers the sweat, the tears, and the determination to follow that grip that took hold of her heart.

“When I first started I was interviewing at Starbucks across the street, working out of the back of my car, we weren’t in this wonderful building that we are now and I hired my first caregiver and that caregiver is actually still with me today seven years later, so we’re really proud of that and we have over 100 employees so we’re really making a difference we feel in San Angelo and the surrounding areas,” Brooks said.

Even today, struggles arise and problems pop up but Leann says, there’s always a light that leads their way through those dark valleys.

“We have those days and we think , oh my gosh, and that goes for everyone in my staff the phones are ringing off the hook you have more people to service than you have individuals, but what gets us past those days is that time that that family  member sends us a sweet note in the mail that says, ‘I don’t know what we would’ve done without you,’ or that hug from the client when they see us, that caregiver walking in and saying you made a difference in my life. Those are the things that get you past it,” Brooks said.

Making a difference is what Visiting Angels is about and to her team and clients, Leann Brooks has done that and for that she is a remarkable woman.

To hear LeAnn’s reaction to being a finalist, watch the video below.

To hear LeAnn’s message to the person who nominated her, watch the video below.

Nomination letter:

“Mrs. Brooks operates a home health company called Visiting Angels. The truth is she is an Angel. She is very involved in the community in regard to Adult Protective services. She is constantly assisting our elderly with either gift baskets or donations. As an employer she is very thoughtful to her staff. We are constantly reminded how much she appreciates us. She brings out the best in her staff. Her thoughtfulness includes our birthdays and several incentives. This lady is a true asset to our community and has been a gift to our elderly during this pandemic. I personally do not know where I would be this year had it of not been for her. She has been a blessing to work for and a even bigger blessing to our community. I personally would like to nominate her. She is much to admire, and I could only hope to be half the caregiver she has been. Please consider this lady for all she has done for our elderly community. She is truly one of the most selfless people I have ever met let alone had the privilege to work for. Thank you for this opportunity to tell all Leann Brooks is an outstanding woman to many.”