SAN ANGELO, Texas – The 2nd Annual Remarkable Women Contest is being held nationwide. Nominations were accepted throughout the month of January.

One of the finalists for the Concho Valley is Kathleen Brasfield.

“Well I was a lot of titles at ASU,” Brasfield said.

Kathleen Brasfield can certainly claim a lot of titles. She came to Angelo State University in the fall of 1978 as the women’s volleyball and tennis coach. She also taught classes in the kinesiology department. Then in 2004 she earned another title….one that also broke barriers.

“I was the first female athletic director over all sports here. Before I was athletic director, we had a women’s athletic director and a men’s athletic director. So I became athletic director maybe in 81 or 82 for women. Phil George at that time was athletic director for men,” Brasfield said.

And as AD she saw her fair share of ups and downs.

“As athletic director you see the guys who got in a lot of trouble or the girls who got in a lot of trouble or the ones that really did great,” Brasfield said.

But despite those admonishments or accolades her main priority was helping the students succeed. As for how many students she impacted.

“I have no idea how to even begin to guess that. A lot,” Brasfield said.

Throughout her time at ASU, her mindset of being people centric stayed the same.

“I’ve always said that athletics is a people business. So the wins and losses start to run together. There are wins that stick in your mind for a long time, there are losses that stick in your heart for a long time but it’s the people that make the difference,” Brasfield said.

Some of those losses include her own athletes. After losing two players in a plane crash in 1979, her drive to mentor students and teach them how to deal with difficulties only increased. Seeing everyone’s potential and ability to overcome, she says she cherishes those moments spent on the court.

“All of the kids are special. That’s what I miss the most. I loved working with the young people. They keep you young at heart, they keep  you open minded, they don’t let you get stale and that’s what I miss the most,” Brasfield said.

And those young people were doing more than just playing a game… even though they may not have realized it at the time.

“It’s not just the competition. It’s setting goals, it’s learning how to make decisions, it’s building relationships, it’s learning how to work with people you  might not especially like, it’s having all of those things and learning how to follow directions. It’s learning to give more of yourself that you thought you could give. I know there are a lot of people who say it’s just a sport but it’s more than a sport, it’s learning how to deal with life,” Brasfield said.

There are also a lot of people who would say Kathleen Brasfield is remarkable.

To hear Brasfield’s reaction to being a finalist, watch the video below.

To hear Brasfield’s message to the person who nominated her, watch the video below.

Nomination Letter:

“I’ve watched this woman change the lives of young women for over 30 years. Her impact on her players, students and coworkers is evident in the love and correspondence she continues to have with each of them.  She was the first woman athlete director at Angelo state 1982-2004 and has received numerous awards during her tenure. Because of her love for Angelo State and San Angelo, she has severed on numerous boards, including the United Way. She served as a CASA volunteer, worked with her church pantry to feed the hungry and much more.  Just recently she has reached out to her  Belle volleyball alumni to help continue funding a scholarship that was started in 1979 when two of her players were killed in an airplane crash.  She never forgets!  Kathleen never forgets those less fortunate than her and she instills this in everyone she comes in contact with. She is humble and will never take credit for her success. She gives credit to all those who surround her.  Kathleen has also given thousands of dollars to many many of San Angelo’s nonprofit organizations.  There are too many to list.  You only have to ask anyone what they think of Kathleen Brasfield and it would be hard to find a negative word.”