Concerns from the current pandemic involving the coronavirus have forced organizers of this year’s “Remarkable Women” project to slightly alter the contest parameters.

The original game plan was beginning December 7th, 2020 all Nexstar local TV markets will accept nominations for Woman of the Year. Based on select criteria such as community contributions, self achievement and impact on families each Nexstar market will select 4 local women to be considered for Woman of the Year.  

On April 1, 2021, 1 one woman in each market will be announced as a finalist for the National “Nexstar Woman of the Year” award.  

This part has changed: Each market finalist will travel to Chicago, IL and will be in the audience at WGN Studios on April 8, 2021. The national winner will be featured and announced on a WGN’s Remarkable Women Special on April 10th at 6PM CT.

In place of travelling to Chicago, each station will donate $1000 to each market winner’s charity of choice – in their honor.

This is a fluid situation. We will keep you informed as soon as any plans are made known.

Do not let this small change delay your nomination of a Remarkable Woman from the Concho Valley! Click this link [CLICK HERE] to be taken to the nomination form.