SAN ANGELO, Texas – The 2nd Annual Remarkable Women Contest is being held nationwide. Nominations were accepted throughout the month of January.

One of the finalists for the Concho Valley is Becca Sankey.

“They had a little girl who came in and instead of going straight to the toys, she just asked for a toothbrush so these are things that we tend to take for granted ourselves and even with our own children that these kids might not have and the rainbow room is supplying those things during a really scary time in their lives,” Sankey said.

Becca Sankey is full of stories because she’s told so many herself.

Born and raised in San Angelo, Becca graduated from Central High School then Angelo State University with a Bachelors Degree in journalism.

“The great thing about my job is that I can spotlight and highlight nonprofit organizations like West Texas Counseling and Guidance and the Rainbow Room and different places that people need to know about in our community so they can stand behind them and support them,” Sankey said.

Now, she writes full time and utilizes her talents to help others…all of her talents. She’s also been rescuing animals independently for 20 years while also helping the local shelter. Plus she  runs 5Ks regularly to raise money for organizations.

“I was just taught that you should leave this place better than you found it and that’s really my goal in everything I do, that’s my goal in my writing, my goal in my work, and what I want to instill in my children,” Sankey said.

After working for the newspaper for several years, she now writes for Texas Living Magazine, Texas Highways, and  San Angelo Lifestyles Magazine while also operating her own photography business.

One of the organizations she written about she also volunteers with. West Texas Counseling and Guidance holds a special place in her heart because she can relate to many of the clients.

“My own stepfather passed away in the late 80s due to suicide and Tom Green County has one of the highest suicide rates per capita,” Sankey said.

Having dealt with tragedy herself, she now visits with others who have had a loved one take their life.

“It is one of those jobs that is incredibly difficult but it’s also you’re helping people through the worst moment of their lives,” Sankey said.

Becca has always been one of those people who steps in during those worst moments. Why? Hope.

“Hope really does resonate with me and I was thinking about this earlier. It think that’s what draws me to certain organizations. Life is hard. It’s just particularly difficult right now for everyone, some more than others. If you have an organization that provides hope and you have people who are supporting that organization whether it be through volunteer work or donations you are making somebody’s life better and you are making a different. That’s really what I want my legacy to be and what I want to teach my kids that there are always…no matter where you live…there area always  opportunities to help. Whether it’s something as small as running a 5K on your treadmill at home or it’s donating through San Angelo Gives or volunteering your time there is always something you can do to make this world a belter place and make someone’s life better.”

Becca’s legacy can be summed up in one word: remarkable.

To hear Becca’s reaction to being a finalist, watch the video below.

To hear Becca’s message to the person who nominated her, watch the video below.

Nomination letter:

“I would like to nominate Becca Sankey for this wonderful honor. I have know Becca for many years through her mother.

Becca is a writer by profession, and truly has her heart in every story she writes. She has stories in San Angelo Lifestyles, Texas Highways, and many more throughout our area, and even a few in Oklahoma. She wrote for the Standard Times for over 10 years and was copy editor for them.

This young woman has a heart of gold. She would give you the shirt off her back. She has done work volunteering for Cassie’s Place, before Covid hit us. She knows of someone in need she is there to help, whether it be opening a GO FUND ME acct., or helping lead them in the right direction. She helped my own daughter by having a fundraiser to help with medical expenses for her brain cancer and chemo.

She has run several 5K runs to help with breast cancer, and childhood brain cancer. She has helped out at the Rainbow Room, and was a board member. She also helps with Suicide Prevention and helps them out. She was a recipient of the 20 under 40 award also.

She has a beautiful family that she is truly protective during this pandemic. Her father had Covid and was in hospital, and her son also had it. Her mother is immune compromised, so they are extremely careful around her.

She has her good days and her bad, but through it all she has a smile on her face most of the times. Her husband is very supportive of all she does, and stands by her side through it all.

Becca is just one remarkable woman that I feel deserves to be recognized. She has a kind heart and giving soul.”