“The Longhorn Cavern is one of the most unique places in the state of Texas. We really say that for two reasons. Number one is the uniqueness of our geology. We were largely formed by the work of an underground river so it gives our cavern a much different look than you might have seen in other caves that you’ve been to in Texas or around the country,” Evan Archilla, Park Operator said.

Archilla says the second reason for the cavern’s uniqueness is the sheer amount of history in it. And those true stories are all Texas sized. 

“The Civilian Conservation Corp was here from 1934 to about 1940. And these men from around the country were put to work during the great depression. They manually excavated our cavern. They pulled over 3,000 dump trucks worth of debris from inside the cavern using nothing but pickaxes, shovels, wheelbarrows,” Archilla said.

Before the CCC began their work, the cave was used as a nightclub during the 1920s and early 1930s. Yes, even during those times of prohibition. The performances by the live bands that played in the cave were even aired over the radio. 

However, people have been attracted to this cavern since well…there’s no telling when. 

But, there is some documentation to give us an idea. 

“One of my favorite stories is about one of our first recorded visits to longhorn cavern. We had about 4 or 5 people come here on Valentine’s Day of 1879, came into the original entrance of the cavern. Worked their way back over all that debris with candles and probably a bit of string in case the candle went out, they could get back to where they came from. They came to look at what they knew as the glass houses but today we call it Crystal City,” Archilla said.

True stories and a few tall tales; With so much history to mine from underneath the Texas soil, there’s no wonder why visitors from around the world come here to explore.  

“We call Longhorn Cavern the national cave of Texas because it is a one stop place to go here in Texas for something that is unique to Texas beauty, unique to Texas history,” Archilla said.

Speaking of unique, there are quite a few unique spots in Marble Falls.

“It’s different,” Richard Golladay who owns the Ragtime Oriole in Marble Falls says. 

The Ragtime Oriole is a coffee shop plus a wine and beer shop plus a live music venue. However, they don’t play just any type of music. 

“Real authentic Ragtime music. Which was a period in American history from 1989 to 1917,” Golladay said.  

Golladay is all about authenticity, which you’ll notice from the artwork to the drinks. Even the building itself holds a lot of history dating back to when it was built in 1907. That’s all part of what he wants you to feel when you come through the doors. 

“When you walk in this building you feel like you’re stepping back in time,” Golladay said.

As for the rest of the city, there’s a mix of the past and the future, modest and modern, but one thing goes for all the business owner and residents:

“We’re real proud of it,” Golladay said.