Johnson City is a small town that packs a big punch. There are so many things to do.

One must-do is visit the vintage motorcycle museum. They’ve got bikes inside and out, from back in the day to modern day.

For your next stop just head across the street.

“We have over 17,000 square feet of exhibits, over 70 exhibits on display that all have something to do with science,” Ashley Kortis, Director of Advancement and Marketing for the Science Mill said.

The Science Mill is in a vintage building that yes, was actually a mill at one point in time. It was a mill for grain but now, it’s been transformed into a mill for curiosity.

“So we’re really a place of wonder, that’s what we’re trying to inspire here for kid and adults alike. We love for kids to come and experience those lightbulb moments where they figure out how something work so how they can fix something on their own. We hope that’s something they carry with them, get excited about science in school maybe and even think about a career in STEM,” Kortis said.

Visitors from around the lone star state and beyond stop by this local staple for STEM.

“A short day trip from anywhere in Texas. And Johnson city is such a neat little town. We like to think of ourselves as an anchor here in town but there are lots of shops, and restaurants, and of course wineries to spend your day,” Kortis said.

If you’d like to linger longer than a day, one of the newest and most unique places to stay in Johnson City is Johnny Yurts.

Everything about this yurt is meant to bring you tranquility and tap into your creative side.

“A yurt is a circular  structure with no walls and very high ceilings. When you are in it, it doesn’t feel like any room or other space we typically encounter. This feeling allows people to express a new version of themselves and not feel bound by the typical walls that trap us in.   When looking up through the yurt you can see the stars and the sunlight coming into the structure which helps us return to our natural circadian rhythm. The structure is both insulated and weather resistant and the walls are thin enough so that you can both have a deep connection with nature while not having to completely brave the elements. This holistic experience allows you to fully escape the burdens of the typical day-to-day and provides a platform for creative and connected thinking,” Bill Paul, who founded and owns Johnny Yurts with his wife, Jenny, said.

SS: What has been the most memorable experience creating this space for visitors?

BP: The most memorable experiences come from our guest stories.   We’ve had people celebrate the life of the loved one who has passed on, get engaged, truly connect with the whole family, hold weddings and bachelorette parties, disconnect and feel at peace while in nature, and the list goes on and on.   Each of these experiences brings us so much joy knowing that we created a place for others to produce wonderful memories.

SS: What has been the most challenging?

BP: It’s all the journey, there have been ups and there have been downs. What’s most challenging is when we are not sharing the same perspective of how valuable the experiences we create are. Throughout the project we created a theme song that has the line, “ nobody said it’d be easy”. Every time things get hard we sing this to each other.

SS: If there was one thing you want everyone to take away after their stay, what would that be?

BP: To feel love and a greater connection with all those they have traveled with.

SS: If you only had one sentence to describe Johnny Yurts, what would that sentence be?

BP: A place for people to live their best life in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

So whether you are interested in motorcycles,  molecules, or simply mastering the art of relaxation, Johnson city has something for you.