Yoga has many health benefits


Yoga has many health benefits from physical to mental including cardiovascular, digestive and mood lifting. As holiday stresses mount, you may be looking for a way to reduce tension and sweat out some toxicity. Yoga San Angelo is gearing up for co-working between founder Brea Burke and fellow San Angelo yoga practitioners.

“As of January first,” said Burke, the owner and founder of Yoga San Angelo, “we have quite the collaboration going on here at Yoga San Angelo. Several of the other teachers and health & wellness practitioners are gonna be coming in and we’re going to be sharing the space. The teaches are going to be coming and offering different yoga class options and different time slots than than we already have on the schedule. So, we’re really looking forward to the unity there and the expansion that’s gonna be happening after that — we’ve got workshops coming up, we’re gonna have trainings, possible retreats.”

Yoga San Angelo currently offers three different styles of classes.

Gentle, for beginners focusing on posture and breathing, which is good for isometric muscle control and development of body awareness.

Flow, a step forward from gentle, introducing more poses which can improve flexibility and release endorphins boosting ones mood.

Hot yoga, which incorporates elements from the other classes with the added element of heat to encourage detoxing through sweat.

After other instructors come on board in January, Burke says expanded offerings and more tailored benefits can be achieved, adding to the already collaborative atmosphere of Yoga San Angelo.

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