SAN ANGELO, Texas — The YMCA kicked off their year of afterschool programming last week with the beginning of the semester for SAISD. The YMCA services all SAISD schools pre-k through 5th grade and head start schooling, with afterschool programs.

However, due to an increase in demand for their program services this year, and not enough program counselors, Youth and Family Services Director, Dustin Estes says, “We’ve had to put caps on all of our locations.”

The reasoning for capping the students allowed in the program is because of licensing requirements for student-to-counselor ratios. “So our ratio is one to 22. With us having less staff, of course, we don’t want to go above that capacity. We have to cap them out due to licensing regulations” Estes said.

The YMCA has also had to increase pricing by $3 per week as opposed to last year.

Estes says that they are currently hiring and will train new employees to all the right standards for caretaking, “about 16-17 hours of training and then CPR and First Aid certified and then you start” he says.

YMCA is looking to gain more employees throughout the school year and hopes to be able to serve more families in the near future.