ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The United States Football League and the XFL announced their intent to merge today. The spring American football leagues plan to grow together instead of competing against each other.

It is not yet clear if any teams will be eliminated from the leagues after the merger. The name of the new league has also not been confirmed. Many details are still developing and will likely not be released for weeks.

Both leagues released the same statement about the news today:

“Today, the United States Football League (“USFL”) and the XFL announced their intention to merge.

Subject to customary regulatory approvals and if the transaction is consummated, the new league will establish best-in-class operations based on the most recent seasons of both leagues. This historic combination will anchor professional spring football with substantial capabilities and resources to ensure future growth and continue to enhance the development of the collective players, coaches, and staff that are coming together.”


Rumors of the merger have been floated for weeks. Many fans and experts see this as a win for both leagues.