Women’s March of San Angelo protest against Senate Bill 8


SAN ANGELO, Texas- The Women’s March of San Angelo brought many together at City Hall to protest Senate Bill 8, a law that makes all abortions in every case illegal after 6 weeks of pregnancy

Those who organized the march did so to shine a light on the issue here at home.

“It’s not a popular topic to discuss in a small town like San Angelo and to think you are kind of by yourself and there’s not that many to put yourself out there and realize there’s a lot of people. The turnout this morning was more than I could have ever imagined,” said march organizer Michelle Troyer.

Those who opposed the march were also in attendance.

“I’m just simply advocating here for the defenseless, for the helpless, which is the baby in the womb. If we as a country cannot stand up for the most innocent, we have no moral high ground to stand on, we have no leg to stand on if we cant advocate for what’s most precious, which is life,” said Anthony Aguero.

The law also allows citizens to sue anyone who gets involved with an abortion including doctors, family, or friends. S-B 8 was signed in May by Governor Greg Abbott and went into effect on September first.

Gov. Abbott defended the law saying women and girls who are raped won’t be forced to give birth because it “provides at least six weeks for a person to be able to get an abortion.”

According to the Texas health and human services commission, about 15% or 8,000 of the 55,000 abortions performed in Texas in 2020, were performed before the six-week mark. That means if the law were in effect then, it would have banned about 47,000 abortions.

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