WIC Spreading Breastfeeding Awareness


It’s National Breastfeeding Month and our local WIC office is bringing moms together to celebrate. The City of San Angelo’s Women Infants and Children program or WIC is participating in two events this month. 

This morning “The Big Latch On” was held at the fountain outside the San Angelo Visitors Center. “The Big Latch On” is a global event where moms latch on their babies all at the same time. It is at 10:30 in the morning for one minute in different parts of the world.

Events like “The Big Latch On” are aimed at bringing awareness to breastfeeding.

“But his way it’s out in the open and people can see that it’s beautiful. We’re just feeding our children. And I love that women want to come and be part of it,” says Sarah Rook. 

    Wednesday, August 16, WIC is hosting “The Liquid Gold League.” That’ll be held at 11 in the morning in the WIC classroom at the Community Development Building on College Avenue.

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