AUSTIN (KXAN) – If you’ve been to the Texas Capitol in the last year, your visitor photos may include some unsightly scaffolding. 

So what’s happening at the state capitol building? Well, it involves 200 bags of pigeon poop and trash.

A two-year project to replace the Texas Capitol’s copper roof began in fall 2022 with scaffolding added during the first several months of the project. 

This is the first time the entire roof has been replaced in 75 years after roof leaks have increased, according to the Texas State Preservation Board, which is in charge of preserving, maintaining and restoring the capitol building and grounds. 

Planned project work also includes replacing three skylights, updating roof-mounted lighting and improving lightning strike prevention, according to a 2022 update

In a project update, the board said the dome was cleared and cleaned. This included removing “200 bags of trash and pigeon guano.” Dome openings were sealed to prevent further pigeon infiltration because “they are finding their way in through remarkably small openings.”

Other work completed includes removing and recycling the 1949 and 1992 copper roofing, gutter work and roof installation, according to January and May updates.

Earlier this year, the first phase of the Capitol Mall project was completed, and phase two began construction. The next phase includes building two new state office buildings and adding another block to the Capitol Mall, extending the area from 16th Street to 15th Street.